Trousers That Will Make One Stand Out In The Crowd

Multicoloured ankle trousers in cotton that feature a retro all over graphic print, timeless model, relaxed fit, waist band suitable for belts also, pockets, front zipper and almost-seamless-to-the-eyes finishes.

Composition: 100% Cotton

Colour: White + Pink + Blue + Burgundy + Dark Blue





One will at first, of course, but then the ? trousers ? are there for the party. Either at the office, coffeeshop or club. Or in the hands that are grabbing the waist covered by the trousers.

Wear them or don’t. Wink.

The From Dusk Till Dawn collection represents a rhythm before representing a clothing line. It is our subconscious that dreams at night just in order to give to our conscious mind a rhythm for the day. Night or day, our inner self remains the same. Still, it is our rhythm that makes us want to dance from dusk till dawn in clothes that are by our sides throughout.