Silk Fly Black Trousers

Fits for XS, S, M and L.

Composition: 50% Silk + 50% Viscose

Colour: Black

This is precisely how I dream of girls feeling like when wearing the Silk Fly Black Trousers. Feeling, flying, same, same. Feeling like partying even before heading to the party sets a girl in the mood. Luckily, the party is great, yet the mere fact of knowing that flying is possible anywhere – a girl’s home even – sets a girl in the mood no matter the place or weather.

Weather? The trousers feature REMOVABLE CUFFS, so a girl chooses how she wants them or, you know, the weather does that for her. She just has to enjoy the flight.



One might be tempted to believe the name of the collection is all about literal partying and it is. Yet authentic partying always begins in our souls and ends up on the dance floor. My dream is for the clothes I imagine and draw to make a girl, a woman want to dance as soon as she sees herself in the mirror at home. And regardless of the place she ends up partying - the office, an anniversary, a hip club, a wedding, a date or at home - the girl, the woman parties like there’s no tomorrow.