Flower Power Trousers

Fits for XS, S, M and L. The trousers feature an elastic band and a string to adjust to either waist or hips.

Composition: 95% Cotton + 5% Elastan.

Colours: Blue + Pink + Purple + Green + Dark Blue + Orange + Red + Burgundy

Spot the flower!

Long with heels, shorter with flats (or barefoot), you are the flower with the power to decide how you want the Flower Power Trousers to put you in the mood for dance. Yes, REMOVABLE CUFFS that feature buttons easy to button and unbutton all day (and night) long.

One might think the flowers have the power. And they do. Yet without one actually wearing them, there would be no Flower Power Trousers anyway for the flowers to have the power on a pair of trousers. The one is a flower, also. Only one that dances all the time.

One might be tempted to believe the name of the collection is all about literal partying and it is. Yet authentic partying always begins in our souls and ends up on the dance floor. My dream is for the clothes I imagine and draw to make a girl, a woman want to dance as soon as she sees herself in the mirror at home. And regardless of the place she ends up partying - the office, an anniversary, a hip club, a wedding, a date or at home - the girl, the woman parties like there’s no tomorrow.