Oops, A Burger!

June 30, 2014

It’s 10 in the morning, it’s Sunday, the sun is in the house and I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! A healthy shake in the morning (almond milk, bananas, raspberries, apricots, pineapple), a good book, a 6 km run and a shower later, I find myself ordering the burger that’s about to become the best I’ve had lately.

The bun is crunchy and sweet enough, the meat is medium done (as I asked) and tasty, the tomatoes, the pickles, the salad and the fries on the side are waiting for me to mix as I please. A coleslaw salad is on the plate and even though you might think, at first, that it’s too much, you can not but have a bite while listening and it seems so right. It’s the drill. So maybe I’ve had a few good burgers here and there, but this one just felt right. The burger had the right temperature and the waiter was great! We were all a smile when we left, wishing each other a fabulous week. And so it shall be!

Oh, and btw, the debate on the hamburger’s origin is still on. It’s either from the USA, either from Hamburg, Germany in the 1990s.

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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