North West Is Going Whatever Direction She Dreams Of Going

January 30, 2020

Because she’s got style and is not afraid to flaunt it. She is a kid, but aren’t we all in a way?

Anyone’s artistic expression should be celebrated. Since we’re all going somewhere and need shoes to do so, let’s all have a party.

Like we used to, back in the days, when we were seven or something. Either in our siblings’ shoes or ours. We didn’t think much, we just did stuff and sometimes that kind of state, particularly, is when we’re most creative in. Imagine using that freedom now, when we’ve all grown up or something and we get to do real stuff for real people. Starting with ourselves.

North West on her mom’s IG.

My point is, North West is mixing stuff and the mixes are pretty fun. Because she’s having fun. It’s her now, but it is any kid, for that matter, anytime. Maybe even us, tan-ta-naaam! Kids are, sometimes, the most inspirational when talking about style. And freedom. They don’t, yet, care in any way about any social judgement whatsoever and, who knows, maybe they never will.

North West on her mom’s IG.

It seems like it’s cool to mock anything Kanye or Kim do nowadays, I still don’t follow and have never really watched the Kardashians show, but, luckily, it becomes cooler and cooler nowadays not to judge anyone. Why should anyone be entitled to judge what anyone else is doing as long as it’s not harming (obviously) anyone? You watch your stuff and I’ll watch mine.

Having a sex tape gone viral in order to become famous for being famous is definitely not what I like, but it doesn’t even have to be. It is also true that an incredible following has blown up everyone’s expectations, but one doesn’t have to follow it if one doesn’t want to. Of course, character and brains and education matter and it’s easy to manipulate when any of those are trembling, but I guess this is a tricky thing that’s forever existed.

Just like the idea of having the courage to be yourself, no matter what that self is. Tricky. And, in the end, we all know what Kim did, but so does she. You just gotta know what you do. I know I know what I do.

I still believe in change, don’t you? But this is a completely different story.

And what Kanye did to Kim’s style… Invented it, basically… Or discovered it within her. Is it only me to or you, too, think this is pretty romantic?

Talking about change…

Regardless of anything a grownup does, the artistic sense in a kid doing her thing is always so cool, it makes you think turquoise feathers on slippers at home are not so cheesy after all. When in the company of embellished matching coloured flowers on (blue?) fishnets. I meaaaan. You know what I mean?!

And maybe we should not only learn from our mistakes, but from anyone’s around us. The even better news is that we could all learn from anyone’s freedom also. So, in the end, it’s all just a matter of choices.

Like wearing different shoes is.

Pete here says Make Kanye 2006 Again. Kanye circa 2011, though, would still be pretty cool. North’s style kind of cool. The face someone does when I start talking about Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne album, ooh!

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