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January 11, 2021

This is about the love of sneakers. For when you think “I’m good, I’ve got it”, but then life laughs. But then we laugh, too.

Years (yeah, sometimes years) can pass and no sneakers for your eyes to glue on whatsoever, but then one day comes and you see three pairs all at once (yeah, on the same day) and you can not fall asleep. A year and a half has passed since my last confession and by confession I mean my giving in to yet one more pair of sneakers. But then the day came. By day I mean day and by sneakers I mean sneakers. Have been writing and deleting. Still writing and deleting. 

Gifts on holidays are pretty tough. Think of what you truly want, mom said. It almost made my brain twist. I was in the middle of a conversation over the phone with a friend when I hit pause and answered the call in waiting just in time to hear mom almost angry for not reaching me as fast as she’d wanted to. The reason behind the urgency?

What do you want for Christmas?

Mom, really? 

But then I went out to get presents. I knew exactly what I wanted. For them. In the back of my mind, though, I could hear my mom’s voice. For me. We almost had got into a fight earlier. With my ipod’s headphones on, I stepped out of my head and plans and entered Nike. Apparently for no reason. No filter whatsoever, I let my mind be the kite it likes to be at the speed that it likes to ride and this is precisely how my eyes got stuck to these. 

Instantly, I could see my life revolving around these sneakers. It’s a new style I am, apparently, instantly, yes, not only willing to, but eager to, almost anxiously, step into. I am putting this into words now, I was only listening to music back then. I can feel how this new pair of shoes makes me go places. New. Fresh. Exciting. I put them on. My Nike size precisely. They feel a bit… elevating. And this is not only metaphorically speaking. They literally give me a kind of kick coming from my ankles or lower. Luckily, I have been listening to Dua Lipa pretty much all of the time lately

Might this be it? 

I must admit. 

They are not the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on. Yet (I hope). Get out of your comfort zone is what we all – I hope – hear in key moments of our lives, though.

Dua Lipa
Tiny Desk NPR

I love them so much I can hardly wait for the day I am going to feel super comfortable in them, take them places, them taking me places just in time for us to become forever. I wrote this before these:

They first took me to the Maldives where I stayed barefoot for one whole week. Hmmm…


I did not gave in from the start. I was only listening to music. But thought about them when trying to fall asleep, at night, on the day I saw them and couldn’t. Sleep. You know when you really like someone and before you fall asleep, without any plans of thinking, you think? About them. I felt precisely it. I couldn’t fall asleep. And this happens only so rarely. I even went to my next door neighbour to tell about it. We got mesmerised together, exchanged good gifts, listened to good music, had a good conversation. Got my sign.

So, I left Nike feeling Just another pair of sneakers. I’m good, I’ve got it, but then life laughs.

Walking into yet another sneakers shop – again without thinking, just listening to music while kite surfing – I feel my eyes electrifying my brain.

The music is loud in my ears while my hands want to touch what the heart wants. What? Yes, it is like that. Just moments after the encounter before. And I touch them. They even feel light. Ask for my size. It’s interesting with this half measures. They only have 38 and 39. I’m a Nike 38.5. I – still, obviously – put them on.

Attention, please!

I hope you are ready for this.

I know what I felt when my eyes saw this:

Convinced, I rushed to the counter desk to ask whether my size could be found anywhere else in the city. While restlessly waiting, I giggle when I see these leggings:

But I focus.

On yet one more pair of sneakers. Just right below.

I knew I wanted the classic short white Converse. I had already known we were leaving for the Maldives, too, and had thought that a pair would do great. That was until I saw the classic, short, white ~ and ~ with red stars chucks, found my size and got them on the spot.

They said they had the black and phosphorescent Nikes in my size in a totally different part of the city. Yes!

Harry Styles
Jingle Bells California

What do you truly want for Christmas?

I had no idea of what was about to happen. Meaning? Go the next day to the shop that had the Blazer Nikes in my size and get them. Right on the Christmas Eve. No, on the noon of the Christmas Eve, because on the actual Christmas Eve, I was getting the Air Nikes. From the place I first saw them, a totally different part of the city.

Quite a ride.

Miley Cyrus
Heart Of Glass

A couple of song names, an expression of mine, a dot and a wink.

Let It Be

Mysterious Ways

I Feel Love

You Do You



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