Need An Energy Boost?

November 26, 2016

When at home and needing it, I start playing with clothes. Needing it: energy. Playing with clothes: mixing items and dance. Like today, for instance. Saturday, let’s say.

I, often, do it – without any planning whatsoever – on weekdays, too, in the morning, when wandering naked between my closet and his (because you never know), upon deciding what the hslndkjawd to wear. Sometimes it gives me energy and I dance. At other times, anxiety takes over and I just want to hide under a blanket all day.

Curiously enough, have you noticed how the best outfits, usually, happen when you don’t have too much time and it’s your intuition alone that you rely on completely? So, if we’d already clarified this, why do we still need to see our clothes flying through thin air from wardrobes to bed, from on top of our bodies to the floor and back, back and forth, back and forth?

Because we like to fly and we like clothes for the mood they can get us in (or out of, lmao). So when we don’t know how the hslkakndalm we feel, we expect clothes not only to figure us out, but also mix amongst themselves in the best way possible and make us dance. Oh, and when they do!

I must admit I, sometimes, do it just for the boost, not only out of the necessity to not go naked in the streets.

And when my closet (and his, grin emoji) is not enough, I go shopping. To places I like and I play: mix clothes, take pictures, laugh at the situation and, only then, I might be done and ready to have a super day. Or night. Saturday night.


So what is your fetish? What? I love clothes and the things they do to me. They hug me all day (and night) long; that must mean something, no?

I know my clothes (and his, wahaha) from back home, but when I was, suddenly, confronted with a whole new variety of pieces in front of me, my eyes goggled, rolled, winked, sparkled and I started to run like an enthusiastic kid and someone, accidentally, took pictures of it. Funny tongue out emoji.

Basically, all the emoji and I did was run away from the security. Literally. These adrenaline seekers… They’re so weird. And mad. Even with no hats on. Jk. About the security… Hello, security! Wink.


So it’s either all of the above or, you know, go dancing with these two below.