MTV Video Music Awards 2016 Was, Basically, About These Two. Who?

August 30, 2016

The Internet has been rumbling for more than 30 hours with live videos, and Instagram snaps, and who slayed better than who, and who is bigger than who, and who deserves the vanguardest of the vanguradest due to MTV. We can not complain. Truth is The Madison Square Garden in New York was fuller of some of the “loudest” stars on the planet on the 28th of August, 2016 than in most of the latest VMA’s years.

We sat back, enjoyed the show and now we have the ranking.

1. Drake’s speech when handing the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award to Rihanna:

2. And as if that wasn’t too cute already, here comes this caption:


3. Beyoncé shares the red carpet with mothers of Black Lives Matter via nytimes.com.


4. But almost nothing can come close to this:


5. Beyoncé not kissing Jimmy Fallon (?!) when receiving the moon man for video of the year, “Formation“:

6. Rihanna might have been the most popular artist of the night having done 4 different medley performances:

7. But Bae was the winner of the night, winning 8 moon men (Video of the year below – “Formation”, Best female video – “Hold Up”, Best pop video – “Formation”, Breakthrough long term video – “Lemonade”, Best direction – “Formation”, Best choreography – “Formation”, Best editing – “Formation”, Best cinematography – “Formation”).

8. But Rihanna is right there on Facebook’s MTV logo.


9. The diva battle, therefore. No?

10. Not over. Beyoncé did a medley, too.

11. Talking of divas:


12. And squads:


13. Our favourite outfit of the night? Theeeeese. Cheeeeeese.


Who run the world? Girls.

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