Moments Like This

June 26, 2016

Until just recently, I had no idea what I, truly, wanted to do with my life – it feels kinda weird seeing it on paper, because I kind of knew! – so I mingled with things, gathered all sort of experiences, met different people, watched loads of movies, listened to music etc. I kept my eyes wide open.

I, still, do all of these things – in fact, I always have this type of eagerness to do things, it feels kinda weird seeing this on paper, too, it’s called “learning”, it’s pleasure and I love it – with the same energy I do the Netflix and chill thing with. The same! It’s precisely because I’ve been doing all of these things that I know this is the place I want to be at now.

I’m saying this – now, again, yes, now – because of Netflix. Nah. But, actually, yeah. My hugging partner and I have just, last night, rewatched Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas.

1. Ray Liota’s character became a gangster for the gangster’s lifestyle, not money. Awesome.

2. Karen Hill’s dress, in the rat out, at the police station, helped turn Lorraine Bracco into the character and made me realise why I love so much to be here. Because of moments like this.


The moment when it hit me. My mom took me to my first day of school in a dress just like this one from above. Prettier. I was mesmerised. Just as I was, every morning, when she got ready for work or, at nights, for the parties my parents used to throw.


Just as I was when I saw Karen Hill in this scene. And when they talked about style. My mom and Karen.

It weren’t just my eyes open. It were the ears all along, too.

We don’t, really, think about it when it’s happening, obviously, when we’re kids (I know I didn’t), but, then, we do and, then, we know. So, looking back, growing up, I guess I just knew the kind of woman I wanted to be. Or the woman I’ve been becoming without even realising. But then you do. I do. In moments like this.

The eyes and the ears lead everything (everything!) to our minds and souls and it all leads us to now and they don’t say Live in the moment! for nothing, anyway.

I mean look at this robe here. Man! Yum!

PS: I am dying to wear the dress! Interesting choice of words. And pictures.


Life, uh-huh!