Madonna’s Ray Of Light Is One Of The Most Iconic Reinventions Of All Time

May 10, 2019

Madonna’s Ray Of Light is one of the most iconic everything.

I hope that, by the end of this, you will think of your home album and you will miss listening to it. Home is wherever your music is.

A record is out and if I’m mesmerised by it, I listen to it on repeat and an idea always arises and runs through my mind awaiting to be put on paper. An Instagram post via Steven Klein on Madonna’s upcoming album, Madame X, made me print screen it, obviously, but then I, immediately, wished for the album to become my second Ray Of Light – Madonna’s 7th album. The idea has just arisen. Inhale. But, then, there’s her Music, also.

Drowned World/Substitute For Love

A new Madonna album with, at least, the same amount of effect Ray Of Light – the 1998 album produced by William Orbit (a name I remembered forever because I liked the way it sounded) – has always had on me.

It’s the effect of both escapism and familiar feeling art can have on one.

No pressure, however, we will always have Ray Of Light.
One of my all time favourite
songs and videos.

What’s yours?

Ray of Light was one of the first CDs I bought myself for myself and the memory of myself, barely into my teenage years, holding the CD in my hand on the way home from the store and looking forward to listening to it as loud or low as I wanted on my brother’s stereo in his room when he (or anyone in the house, in fact) was not around, has stuck with myself incessantly. The CD came with the most beautiful case. It was the same plastic one we know from nowadays (if only people didn’t throw it – the plastic – all over the world), yet the little book CDs used to feature, when I was a child, was always the cherry on top. With beautifully styled pictures to be discovered. Physically, not just digitally. When there were even lyrics inside, I literally felt like Christmas was coming.

Or, you know, like being right under le Tour Eiffel when it lights up at dusk.

Nothing Frozen under the Eiffel Tour all right.

Madonna – Frozen

Literally every song on this album is like a little piece of myself. Nowadays, I can not even listen to it all the time because there are just too many emotions involved at once. I do it every once in a while, though, when I want to feel like home. Writing this alone turns me into the emotional… fan? of emotions that I am. Using emotions to think is fun.

I still buy CDs, by the way. A close friend of mine asked me a while ago What? Who does that now? Why would you and where would you listen to CDs anyway? And, with the most genuine tone, I’m like In my car. The last CD I bought on amazon.com and had delivered to my brother’s house for his birthday was Justice‘s most recent CD, Woman Worldwide. He also listens to it in the car and it might even happen when he drives his girls to school in the morning.



Then, one day, back when I was a teenager at home, it must have been on a Saturday morning when the whole family was cleaning up the house, the music was loud, that – ca-ching-ching! – Ray Of Light happened to be in the stereo and, easily-breezily, my brother seemed to have started to enjoy it and I was so happy!

An extra reason for me to appreciate Ray Of Light even more.

I remember stoping from whatever it was I was doing and watching this on MTV any time it was on.

Madonna – Nothing Really Matters

To Have And Not To Hold

I still have the CD and seeing the case in my car or randomly hearing a song from it on the radio or in a club always brings sparkles of joy inside and I am singing for sure. On the inside. Or outside, depending on the level of fun.

The guitar here will forever rock!

Madonna –
The Power Of Goodbye

However, there are a couple of songs (the greater part, in fact) I can only listen to in intimacy. They bring me home in an instant wherever I’m at. Physically and spiritually.

There hasn’t, yet, been invented a word for what a song like this does to one. Some kind of goosebumps, but more.

Madonna – Little Star

Music is Madonna’s 8th album and it was pretty close to Ray Of Light for me. It featured Don’t Tell Me. The video of this song got me into the low rise flared jeans big time. I didn’t want to ever get out of the low rise flared jeans.

And this is how clothes are so much more than just fashion. They’re life, also. Decoding style feels like goosebumps without the skin actually forming the bumps. A goose’s sound might be the voice that comes from the inside, though.

According to allaboutbirds.org, Snow Geese are possibly the noisiest of all waterfowl. Their main call, made by both males and females, is a nasal, one-syllable honk given at any hour of the day or night, at any time of year, in the air or on the ground.


20 Years Later ‘Ray of Light’ Is Still Madonna’s Most Shocking Reinvention, is a headline from 2018 I bumped into online when looking for a high definition photograph of Ray Of Light‘s cover by Mario Testino. Madonna started working on the album after giving birth to her first child, Lourdes Leon, who happens to star in one of the coolest latest fashion commercials for Miu Miu and the How Lourdes Leon, The Latest Miu Miu Girl, Became Fashion’s Quietest It Girl article on wmagazine.com is only a confirmation that Lola (Lourdes’ nickname) must have listened to Ray Of Light, involuntarily, a lot.

Now we have one more cool fashion commercial video to add to the list of Is This Kind Of Fashion Commercials Coming Back? Ray of light!

I have this itch of cutting my bangs all over again. Only this time even shorter!

After just having them grown back up, yup!

Candy Perfume Girl

Growing up and listening to Take A Bow, Justify My Love (Lenny Kravitz is among the writers of it and the voice you can hear in the background), Beautiful Stranger and Music is a different story. Life. Exhale.


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