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September 16, 2020

Express Yourself

What could have come out of a woman that had done the above but what is in the I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, a documentary film that follows Madonna on her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour? Lola, who, aged very few years in the film, before heading out to the pool, sweetly, teaches Madonna French pronunciation.

My link to Lola dates back to when I was a baby myself and her mother made one of my all time favourite albums ever. Forever. Ray Of Light. And one of my all time favourite videos and so on and so forth.

Ray Of Light

Madonna’s birthday pictures in Jamaica, this year, made me search for a hashtag to see more of Lourdes Leon. She’s all grown up now, does not own an Instagram account (bien sûr) and is one of the coolest girls I’ve bumped into, lately. And got enthused by her and all.

Aside from the Miu Miu ad (now on my wall, just under Whitney) and the recent adidas ad by Stella McCartney she’s in, I, for instance, didn’t know much about Lola. I just knew she was Madonna’s daughter.

Miu Miu

adidas by
Stella McCartney

Was so thrilled, though, to discover. Her through her style only.

With some people, you don’t have to see much or know much about and you know.

Style is what I’m, often, asked, by most people in general, about. About theirs, mine and I love it. What I’ve come to discover, interestingly enough, is that it, really, does not depend on the clothes, nor the accessories. It’s always that something. It might be the latest thing in fashion or the most original vintage thing one has in the closet. It might be a t-shirt a friend got from his best friend because it was too small for the best friend. A Vivienne Westwood t-shirt with the coolest portraits of Vivienne Westwood on it. It escalated to high-end fashion pretty fast. I know. Back. But. It gets so exciting sometimes. Mman!

And when it’s with the right kind of people. Whooh!

It might be the super outdated sneakers or the one of a kind dress no one else in the world has. The point is ~ how ~ one wears them. Not what, not when, not who. How is the key. Why, to the core of it, actually.

Is the key to yourself, basically.

I used to, somehow, convince myself that people change. That it’s only a matter of years until yada yada. What I’ve come to understand is that we all are, our entire life, just becoming more of what we have, always, been. At times, we drift from ourselves, but at the best of times, we come home to ourselves. And when fireworks pop up out of nowhere, that’s when the magic happens.

And life happens, you meet people, you get into stuff, you celebrate, you let go, you learn, you are happy, you are whatever, you listen to music, waves come and go, yet there’s a certain je ne sais quoi you connect to. Every time. A je ne sais quoi that has nothing to do with any sort of criteria. Rules. It’s the quoi that you have or not, feel or don’t, it is that simple.

It’s much more about what you feel than it is about what you see.

Why do we sometimes need the feel, lol, feel the need to complicate something when it not only ~ is ~ crystal clear, but also ~ feels ~ crystal clear? When something feels clear, the weather feels perfect. Feels wonderful.

When the sea breeze brings the lavender smell.



Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another is a lyric from Madonna’s Justify My Love that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it, as a kid. It has had different connotations at different stages in my life, but the bottom line is you’d better do you.

Real you.

And say to yourself I’m not afraid of who you are, we can fly.

… and just underneath the disco ball, at home.

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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