Let’s Not Only Wait For The Weekend!

September 30, 2017

And start to live more anyway we choose to. Want to. Dream of.

We’re all, somehow, on some sort of routine because this is how it’s done. We have some sort of rules, our own rules, at times. Still, we don’t, really, have to follow a rule to the max if it’s not that heaven of a rule for us, if following it doesn’t get us to where we dream of. As long as we’re doing our thing, without affecting anyone, in order to feel good, grow, flow, yellow. I feel like one. Though. Blow. Rule. The one that always wins, it seems, the one that says that there is no rule and this is not, in fact, one. A rule.

And so on. Obviously, there are rules – THE rules – and we all follow them, because we all want a beautiful life, world. Rules in life, lifestyle and style. Speaking of worlds and style, I, at times, feel like locking myself on the outside only to observe the fashion world from afar and absorb, instead, the people close to my heart and the people I don’t know yet, but am so curious to know everything about. Full of feelings, thoughts, laughter, imagining what the world would be like without the air conditioning in museums and reading Peter Pan through the eyes of Freud this time around.

Lately, however, I escaped my world to watch stuff that, randomly (that kind of random), knocked at my world’s door. If you’re into having fun in between going out or working or kissing or whatever and feel like Netflix/Youtube and chill, then you could try these ??. They’re all in for a good weekend. Week. A good world.

Fracture for life.

Jerry Before Seinfeld for the power of dreaming.

Netflix Abstract: The Art of Design – Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design for passion.

Baby Driver for Baby, Debbie and music.

Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue France dancing – style icon.

Demolition for love and Jean-Marc Vallée.

No Strings Attached for chemistry.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword for Guy Ritchie’s joy.

Threesome for fun.

Kill Bill for Quentin Tarantino’s expression of love.

Kenzo: Music Is My Mistress autumn/winter 2017 fashion film for the girl at minute 4:24.

Bonnie and Clyde for Faye Danaway’s costumes and Warren Beaty’s Warren Beaty, if you can not fall asleep at it three times like I did.

I only like to talk about movies when watching (not that kind of talking over movies, you know what I mean) and I don’t like telling you what’s going to happen in them, nor would I ever want you to see any trailer.

Being in your world long enough to escape it, once in a while, helps you know what you like and what you don’t. I, also, like playing, you know what I mean. I have a dream is real. We build our own worlds, thank you, you’re welcome and I’d love to meet you.

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