Justice. Only God Knows

August 04, 2018

You know when you like something so much that you want to draw it? But not because you’re a fan, but because of the way it makes you feel? A reminder for you to salute the alien in you, have a drink or two and toast for you simply doing you. That’s a simple moment of Justice.


Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

A bit of rock, a bit of pop, a bit of disco, a bit of unlike anything you have seen before. I mean, you have seen jeans, leather jackets, prints, cool hair, blacks and colors and you have heard techno before. It all seems so simple. But you also know that it only seems simple on the outside when, in fact, it’s super complex, studied and honest on the inside.

Clean and fun.

Justice – Fire

And when the inside meets the outside in every way – through attitude, music, clothes, soul, beliefs, mind, eyes, art, smile, body moves – style comes along and starts to dance to its own music. This is Justice, the French duo that is out and about for fifteen years and they like the stuff they make.

Justice – Interview
Art Of Noize
Audio, Video, Disco

Back at parties 10 years ago – when I was dancing like there was no tomorrow on this particular tune with friends I used to hang out with especially when off again with my then boyfriend – little did I know that I would be, yet ten years later here, writing about the band whose concert this summer those friends were also there for. Post having gone to their show at Summer Well Festival and, obviously, danced like there was no tomorrow. When We are your friends began, I thought to myself Wow, these are the guys I used to enjoy so much back in the days. It was also the song that made them find their place into the musical landscape, as Xavier had said.

Justice – Live- 2009 Webster Hall
We Are Your Friends

Once cool, always cool and I guess dreams do come true.

They have this thing. This curious thing. It must come from deep within them for it to, afterwards, be released into the crowd. At their concert, at some point I danced and I danced. All of a sudden, I just stood and watched the show, listened to their thing; it is a thing there! I was so good with just standing, watching, listening. But then all of a sudden again, found myself yet again with my hands in the air, dancing like it had just begun, smiling, winking at the friends I was with and we were all dancing. All over again.

The energy it creates!

So simple, so nice. Then you stop again and watch. Lose yourself; this is the thing they put you into.


Mouloud Achour below put it like this: When we listen to the album [Woman], we feel like we’re following a man, alone, on his way to a party, but then he leaves alone. But the guy experiences a lot of emotions. Getting enthusiastic… And there’s this song called Alakazam… It’s like this moment when you’re alone and your head is spinning, you’re wondering if you should stay or leave, if you should stay or leave, you finally choose to stay, but nothing really happens. Xavier then adds: And everything turns into a nightmare, you’ve drunk too much alcohol, but in the end, you’re feeling better. You see a girl and think maybe it’s gonna work out and in your last attempt, you fail and you go back home alone. That’s the idea.

Justice x Clique

They had both studied graphic design due to the fact that, at the time, they’d had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives and there had not been a lot of very exciting things offered during the school years. You don’t need to know how to draw to do graphics, but if you have a little taste and you know where you’re going, you can get your own way, you can make illusion, as Gaspar puts it.

With Justice, sometimes do you feel that you are making illusion?

Xavier: In fact it’s not so much the problem of making illusion or not. We especially managed to find a domain which works for us, because it’s more a question of sensitivity and work than really pure technique.

Gaspar: In fact, we did this without any other ambition than just to do something with friends.

When you do electronic music, you don’t have to necessarily have electronic background or exclusive electronic inspiration at all times from it. Inspiration may come from whatever, whoever, wherever and whenever. Rock and pop included. Just like with everything, in fact. And then, when you make electronic music, for instance, the music becomes the place for you to mix the dreams and ideas in your head. And then something really original comes out. Outside the box, that is.


It’s the intimate lifestyle while creating – without even realising – the style. A style so simple that looks like one everyone could copy, yet no one can. It comes from their inspiration, their soul, their mind. The style becomes unique and the good news is that everyone is unique.

7 billion styles.

We make simple music that delivers simple emotions, is what the French duo says.


Justice – Live –
Coachella 2017

Justice is a French electronic dance music duo consisting of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé.

When in one word, Gaspard was asked to describe his music, he said romantic (with a French accent, of course).

When Gaspard was asked who his hero was, he said Xavier.

When Xavier was asked who his hero was, he said Gaspard.

Their chemistry is just as romantic. It seems like with every interview, they have this vibe that feels like just being next to each other is enough and they have everything. It’s simple, fun and cool; precisely the reason behind the love they express on and off the stage. And in music. It’s like an honest game kids play.

Romantic af.

And that hair!

PS: May it be a coincidence myself getting a red bomber jacket this last Spring to wear in the upcoming fall? Only in time for me to be writing this in summer?

Only God knows.

A Cross The Universe is the culmination of Justice’s 18 month world tour. It includes an audio CD of their phenomenal live set including the anthems D.A.N.C.E , We Are Your Friends, DVNO and many others,⚡️plus a DVD ⚡️ of the hour long film by Romain Gavras and So Me, documenting the French duo’s US tour.

WOMAN (their latest album).

… Is Amazon’s description of my latest basket with them. Whoohoop!

And I Can not wait to go to their concert again!

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