Isabel Marant Is Toujours All About The Girl

March 04, 2017


Is there anything sexier than a woman feeling good in her own skin? Not to show off or something, but to rather throw herself a little party on her own for herself, in her own soul, as she walks, speaks, laughs?

This is precisely what Isabel Marant stands for and does it with such an ease! Just like the ease she wishes for the ladies to have when in her patterns. Well, salut, Isabel! A girl might not know who Isabel Marant is, but a girl will, most certainly, feel something genuine, honest, yet twistedly sexy the moment she will put a piece of Marant’s design on.

It might be about the French je ne sais quoi or about her enthusiastic smile.

Her full presence in the moment of present.

When a lady wears her design, it will not ever be about the design only. It will be about the girl. The woman. Because Isabel seems to toujours think from our perspectives – of the ladies’ – through herself.

“Now what would make me feel cool and sexy?” 

“Hmm, let’s see. A little bit of waist, a ruffle here, a ruffle there, a little bit of edge… Yes, let’s put some glitter on! Ooh-la-la! Party, oui! J’aime le party!”

“This ’80s spirit, oui!”

“It’s in fashion, it’s current, yet me, yet timeless!” 

“I could pass this on to my daughter!”

“C’est trés cool!”

“C’est magnifique!”

And very down to earth at the same time. As opposed to Isabel’s monologue above totally made up.

It’s not just models walking on the catwalk, us awing at the sight of them, sighing, seizing the art and then putting it on some pedestal or something and sigh some more. It’s us seeing them clothes, wanting them, knowing there is maybe the slightest possibility of us having them and already imagining ourselves dancing in them.

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Because why would anyone want clothes that one wouldn’t be able to dance in? Marant is not a lover of tights – wonder why? – but will, certainement, make the ladies look not only hot, but elegant, yet comfortable and sexy by some endless legs, cinched waists, ease in movement and slouchy proportions (surprisingly, oui).

Spring is here so it takes something truly outstanding to make oneself dream of anything that is going to happen starting Fall sort of speaking, since it is the Fall/Winter 2017 trends we’re talking here about. In Paris, #pfw. It makes us to look forward to Fall – you thought this quoi would never be possible! – and to crave for Paris.

But Fall is far, far away. We could meet up in Paris until then, wear high wasted trousers and carry some glittery socks in our pockets for the fun nights in our glittery sandals.

Is anyone having a celebration on their own now, too? For the glittery trend which is trés welcome to be #trending right now. Some of us might have been having a blast wearing the glitter all along, but now, oh, now we have the excuse – if we ever needed one! – for now it’s certified. Chin-chin!

And if, by now, socks under sandals might have been a necessity in order to stay warm, now socks under sandals are definitely a trend. Tout à fait, Isabel made it official. She knows it. She feels it.

She’s a lady – playing – just like us.



In a world where your true self, most beautiful self, is going to not only wear the prettiest clothes, but also dance till sunrise.

In Paris?

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