If You Don't Know What SJP Stands For, Then What Are You Waiting For?

March 29, 2016

Imagine our lives without SATC and SATC without SJP. NYC, RSVP, DIY, ASAP, PS. Jk.

We are so lucky. We have to celebrate. It is precisely about it. Celebration. You get my point and I won’t be using de C word no more. I could almost promise, but I won’t because I only make promises when I can keep them and I will be mad at you if you make a promise and you can’t.

Back to SJP. Thank you, Sarah, for being you and for becoming Carrie and for Carrie being friends with S., C. and M. and for all of them being styled up by Patricia Field and for Mr. Big being, well, Big, the all-dat-drama bringer (I can not believe I just said that, but you know what I mean, you knew that he knew she was the one from the beginning) and for sex bringing us all together (sometimes very close to one another) (Hallelujah!) and HBO for having posted the show online.

Hey, we all know how it is to want to watch just one (one, one) episode, one random episode from whichever season and have a party on our own.


Yes, like that? You doooon’t?

The Aries do fo so’. My Aries friends do fo so’. Luiza, Andrei, Elena, Marilena, happy birthday, you all! Yooou. There’s also Tarantino as in Quentin Tarantino. Hey you. And Keira Knightley, and Lady Gaga, and Pharell, and Emma Watson, and Robert Downey Jr., and Leighton Meester, and Victoria Beckham, and my first, my fabulous, my all-the-fabulous-adjectives-in-the-world niece, Natasha.


This was supposed to be just the typical “best 10 Carrie outfits”, but with us, well, you never know. And I am not just saying this. Not even we don’t always know. You have to have one to know one.


As for the outfits, you have to watch the show to see them all. And I am not just saying this either. Do it. Although I couldn’t imagine too many of you reading this and not having watched SATC. Man, the things men would learn about women from it.


This is just a preview and remember, “life is not a rehearsal”.

carrie bradshaw whats wear

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