If You Can Do This, You Are Wearing The Right Clothes

August 13, 2015

The look and the attitude. The t-shirt. The jeans. The hair. That 90 degrees angle. Whooh!

It’s Friday in August and you know how you just miss wearing jeans in late summer? It’s not late yet, but almost. Anyway. I do! And God knows I’d been looking for the perfect pair since forever!

These below seem like the classic 501, Levi’s. Only ripped. Oh, the day I’m gonna find that pair! Praying emoji.


Barefoot would be ideal and we know ideal is real. A pair of super naked sandals, though, would do the trick. What? The ones that don’t really dress up your feet. They are just being sexy while hugging your feet and make you feel barefoot. And, well, help you walk.

They are there just to let know how good and whatever you feel like today. You are having fun on your own. Like Stella here above does.


You know the drill when these babies come in. Roar. And I am talking about the stilettos, not about the tigers above.