I Tried The Sun Diet For 10 Days And The Carry-on Of 10 kg For It

September 24, 2016

It works!
The sun rose in my bed and I stared at it. The sun set in the sea and I stared at it. Every morning and every evening. Everyday. For as long as in my sight. Boom, stared! And I’m telling you, it does things to you as very few other could do.
Few? Try none. There’s only one sun and it is here for us (for each and every one of us!) everyday. Not only to take pictures of it, but to inject us with what we all secretly crave for: serotonin. Yes, you crave for it, my friend, even if you don’t know or recognise it. It is the hormone of happiness.
Pretty cool, no?
Serotonin must be increasing, also, when finishing packing for the 10 days beach vacation to Greece and the result is super light. A carry-on light.
Well, I had the awesome idea of having my partner-in-kissing’s clothes and mine in just one luggage. He laughed at me, so I made a bet right then and there: I am making it into a carry on.
More laughing kicked in. I am currently eating my pizza while writing this. I won! Double the serotonin: wise packing and pizza.
In order to fit into a carry-on and feel good (which is easier when looking good, we all know that), I had to put some strategy into it: something that takes little space in the already little place called “carry-on”, yet something big enough to cover the desired-to-cover parts of the body. Dresses and jumpsuits! Same, same. This is one reason I love them both: it is so easy to throw any of them on. Literally.
Another is that both a dress and a jumpsuit feel like a lover hugging. A lover’s hands all over the body. Love story. Serotonin.
Unlike a bikini set. A bikini set feels like a fling. A summer love. Justin.
Beachwear is simple wear: tiny little things that would fit into my bag even. Though I would have to empty it on the way back home, for it will have been filled with memories. Of the full moon nights, the just met beautiful people, the stories they shared, the sun I am taking home with us.

One long jumpsuit, worn to a lunch and a dinner when covered by a large cream top.

The cream top worn, another night, with velvet shorts and Greek sandals.

One short jumpsuit, worn to the beach with flip-flops duh.

Same jumpsuit, paired with striped top and sneakers, for dinner.

And again the striped top. At the beach.
And again the striped top. At the beach.

One long, floral printed dress, worn to a dinner on the beach with nothing underneath, hey!

And to a dinner at “Ambrosia” taverna when covered by jumper.

The jumper from above, worn with skirt. The tree I hugged everyday.
The jumper from above, worn with skirt. The tree I hugged everyday.

A long yellow dress paired with Greek sandals to sightseeing (below, below) and with striped top and sneakers to dinner.

Essentials: flip-flops, sandals, sneakers (worn on the plane, they’re the heaviest), a jumper (it is September) that goes to anything in the carry-on, 2 striped long sleeved tops (that go with anything, we know that stripes are neutrals), 2 long dresses, a short dress, a short jumpsuit, a long jumpsuit, 2 skirts, shorts and bikinis.
I now get the thing with the luggage. Really get. I have to outsmart it. Then, whilst on trip, just pick the exact items I’d already thought of and get out the door to:
– sink in the sun and try to read (still haven’t found the ideal solution to both get a tan and read a book without turning blind).

– watch the sunset and actually watch it with the eyes, not the filter of the camera.
– meet the beautiful people and get into their OZ, their stories, visit the world with them. Through imagination.
The beautiful people and the short dress.

– eat the good food and try not to eat too much at night, in order to fully enjoy one big, nice, rich breakfast. Jees, I love hotel breakfasts. And rainbows.
– just be.
– explore the surroundings when not being lazy. The things you could see when not being lazy might blow your mind. There is plenty of time to be lazy on Saturdays. At home.
The long yellow dress from above.

Guess what day it is today and where I am now.
Fighting it.ozinparis-sun-lover37

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