The Most Colorful Italian Fall (2018) Fashion Yet VS The World (Ooh) VS The Italian Food (Always)

March 02, 2018

Italians do it better. When better is equal to super colorful fashion, not to super juicy… Juicy pizza, pasta, formaggio or cannoli, ciao! When it’s juicy, it’s no longer better, it’s the best! Il migliore!

A colourful like no other Fall season ever or an era like no other before. And it’s not just the colors, it’s the madness as the form of expression and the passion for fashion – or so they say – that put Milan in a very precise point on the actual fashion global map. A very loud fashion Milan as opposed to the nonchalant gourmet Milan.

Or is it the holy new dimension mass marketing took? Something about this era that makes us ask ourselves and the world a lot of questions.


It seems like, nowadays, everyone puts everything on the table just to be in line with the whole hysteria going on in the world right now. It’s like boom this, boom that, boom boom boom! It’s like let’s not even stop to breathe because we might miss something or we wouldn’t be in line with everyone and everything happening. And we almost always hear them say yeah, man, this is the world we live in, we just have to adjust. A world of doubt and solitude rather than mystery, a world of pretending rather than actually living, a world where louder is better.

But not the best!

And what if we don’t really like the world we’re told we are supposedly living in? Well, we create our own and be the kind of different we feel like and choose to be. Genuinely. In terms of we can not really be told of how we’re supposed to be and the world is, ultimately, just the way we make it.

So we wear sandals with socks in the streets.

A world where individuality, character and truth triumph. Where art expresses truth. When it doesn’t – well – it must be someone else’s view on truth in a world someone else chooses to live in. But not us, we wear sandals with socks in the streets! It’s a matter of intuition and the left side of the brain at all times.

Gucci Fall 2018

Do the heads in the hands of the models mean the fact that people are so desperate to look like someone else that they get to have two heads? They will always come second to the original. Why not be the first? Why not be yourself? Or the fact that people are so desperate to look alike? To blend in more easily. Imagine a world full of that. Might this be what Alessando Michele imagined himself? Imagination is key, man!

This is the awesome part of being a popular designer with a team that helps you express greater than fashion things through fashion, but also through expression help fashion become the art that fashion once was. Obviously, without taking it too seriously, because fashion is only here to make our lives more beautiful. That’s what art does, ciao!

And art is about emotion of any kind. It must set up a mood, put some questions inside, make you open your mind with or without even realising, make you want to do stuff or make you want to look at the sky and think. Or feel.


When it comes to whatsoever form of art, I am totally down and eager to see what comes from the heart of the creative. However, there are always discussions of interest coming from marketing, since Gucci has become a brand that has markets to charm across the globe and it has to please everything and, obviously, sell everywhere. On Mars, even. But I do believe – want to believe – in Michele’s creative spirit going wild first and foremost ahead of anything else. I refuse to believe in him being the tool of this Cyborg society even if its name is Gucci.

Moschino Fall 2018

John F. Kennedy told Marilyn Monroe aliens were real. Jeremy Scott’s conspiracy theory is that Jackie Kennedy was an alien herself and responsible for both of their deaths. Now that is an interesting starting point.

Prada Fall 2018

When Sarah Mower of Vogue says going to Prada was kind of a mind fuck, firstly it makes it even more legit the use of the f word in the most fun way and secondly, it makes us all realise just how sick the Prada show was. The only fun way of talking about sick is when sick is fun. Is the below fun?

Marni Fall 2018

It was all about ethical creativity through compressed, recycled textiles and Yves Klein-blue mixed with electric colours. Does anyone else miss Consuelo Castiglioni’s intuition, also?

And then there’s Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2018

Warm up your eyes for this. Do a push-up or two. Say a prayer or read a marketing book.

What I find pretty interesting and smart (could something be interesting without it being smart?) is Moncler’s collaborations. Is it marketing or intuition? Maybe both.

Moncler Fall 2018

Remo Ruffini staged the relaunch of his Moncler brand with something he’s boldly named the Genius Group with a designer circle that includes Pierpaolo Piccioli, Simone Rocha, and Craig Green, among others.

Moncler 1 Pierpaolo Piccioli. Ciaaao!

Moncler 4 Simone Rocha

Interesting? Smart? Intuitive? Fun? Genuine? Passionate? Mad? Desperate? Alone? Happy?


???  Pasta anyone? ???