April 20, 2017

The title flashed before my eyes every time a picture of slippers or loafers or the newer obsession turned into t-shirt mania popped out of Instagram. Drafting for this kind of piece could, actually, turn into a two years occupation. Oh, the year of 2015. 

Life has been happening in the meantime, no doubt, but, subliminally and kind of pleasant, so has Gucci – somehow – and all we can do is awe. And it’s got – somewhere – above fashion. Into – some sort of – art through passion.

It seems like it all started with a dream Alessandro Michele had. It involved Gucci and the world was supposed to be the spectator. A dream turned into a show. But then it wasn’t enough and the world wanted to be involved in the show. Went maniac. Bananas.

At first, over the notorious Princetown slippers, a time when us – mortals – only bought tickets for. Then fell head over heels for it. But did, though, wear any kind of slippers outdoors thanks to the ultra comfy, supposedly, Alessandro that took comfiness to a whole new level starting Fall 2015.

Fabulous level.

“Bananas”, a word used not only intentionally, but also to its full capacity.

“Fabulous”, a word to describe the level of ***pampering*** the kangaroo-fur-lined leather slippers might lift the wearer to. Straight to the kangaroo’s pouch level. –

“Fabulous bananas”, a phrase only few could master gracefully. Below.

The news on these shoes is that they are still in fashion, if anyone here is to care about trends. Debatable, as the ones wearing Gucci nowadays are the ones who, at the glance of a trend that is not only outrageously cool and sexy, but also comfy, indulge in everything that Gucci stands for ***bels*** for lifetime, rather then in being “en vogue”.

One can not wear Gucci and not know who Alessandro Michele is. One can be happy for one, tho, even if one doesn’t. Anyway, you one, just so you know, Alessandro came and Gucci never was the same.


Born in Rome, 1972, Alessandro has been working within Gucci starting year 2002. He was appointed creative director of Gucci in 2015 (this is when the “never was the same” happened), embracing the heritage through the signatures of the house, subtly or not tucked in. The red stripe ribbing on all kind of va-va-voom dresses, the horsebit accents, the “GG”s.


It is Alessandro that we all have to hug and thank for making it possible for us to carelessly wear slippers in the streets. Bring all the bananas in the world to. Keep the smoothies coming for. Think of every time we eat a banana.

However, at first there was the timeless loafer, one of the very few shoe styles that have reached iconic status. It has been made in the traditional way, with an update to the 70s’ aesthetic on the original, since 1950.

So, for almost 70 years now. (!!)

A loafer [ˈləʊfə] is 1. a person who avoids work and spends their time idly or 2. a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.

Interesting proximity above.

A loafer [ˈləʊfə] is 1. a person who loves their work and spends their time ideally or 2. a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a flat heel.

Would be just a suggestion for a loafer Google definition.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Jordaan loafers.

With these, one not only knows for sure who Alessandro Michele is, but also that everything one carries on one (pause) has to be one totally owns. Inside and out. It’s not about fashion and showing it of, it’s about what true fashion stands for. Realness. Basics. Research. Dedication. Art. Attention. Feelings. Creativeness. 

It’s just like in love. When one sees, one knows.


And this is rare af. But so are the Jordaans.

Boom, boom.

Not so rare are the Gucci logo t-shirts on Instagram, though. On the contrary.

Gucci, Gucci.

It’s the world of Alessandro that everyone wants a ticket into and if the ticket comes in shape of a t-shirt, the show on Instagram is guaranteed. For a brand to succeed to make its logo look so cool and effortless on a simple white t-shirt, usually as part of an outfit that says “I’m so cool and effortless” is something I bet almost any brand on this planet would want to succeed.

Moreover, it is precisely the Gucci (Gucci, Gucci) logo t-shirt that is there to wink from the chest of the wearer and let the whole planet know just how much not only of a just-got-out-of-bed-fashionable-badass the wearer is, but also that the wearer imaginary high-fived Alessandro.

Aside from Rihanna, who doesn’t seem out of bed at all during Coachella this year and who, most certainly, high-fived Alessandro for real. She is out of any universe anyway. She has love on her brain.

And basically:

I’m officially done with print-screening Gucci logo t-shirts. Whoop!

It might be a flared floral ensemble, a va-va-voom dress, a t-shirt, a hat, some sunglasses, some sort of hype-worthy piece that makes you, subconsciously, want to be part of this universe Alessandro has created, be friends with the people within it and share the belief of doing things courageously out of passion.

Of love, ultimately.

P.S.: The next classic-with-a-twist, anyone?

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