Granny Hair Don’t Care

October 26, 2016

Because this hashtag exists and it is becoming a hit.


To find the perfect shade of blonde is one thing, but to actually manage to make natural, grey hair look so cool is something only our super hipster grandmothers could. And, of course, these super duper women we haven’t met, but secretly admire.

Their grey hair might be one of the things we – without even realising – appreciate most. It takes balls and balls mean courage, and courage means confidence, and true confidence means accepting – embracing – yourself. Same with coloured/ironed/curled/pink hair or no hair as long as it makes you feel yourself.

I’m not a beauty procedures freak, though there are a couple of stuff I absolutely adore (therefore highly recommend) and routines I don’t go to bed without. With hair, however… I play a lot with it and I think pretty much about it. Everyday, a lot of times a day.

And if you are a girl reading this (Hey, girl!) I bet, by now, you’re already twisting it around your fingers, looking in the mirror or imagining some sort of shade or haircut for yourself. Because this is what us, girls, are like. When it comes to our hair, there’s no one stopping us. I have been dying my blonde hair myself since my first year of university.

‘My hair is kinda dry lately’... or ‘I’ve been thinking about cutting it for some time now’… are the most genuine conversation starters amongst people who care about their hair and, honestly, I haven’t met too many that don’t. Fancy, no fancy, one still has to do it. Something about it. ‘Your hair is always so good’ and you’re into the whirlwind of hair talks immediately. Irreversible.

There’s something deeper with the hair thing than we might think of.

I’m a girl. I can’t stop it. The newest entry in the ‘grey hair divas sorority’ is Zoë Kravitz. I saw it on Instagram last night and got into a loop of signature greys. A loop so refreshing in a world where almost everybody dyes their hair, there are a few who don’t and couldn’t look any cooler. Sexier.

You with me? Come on! Into the loop of natural, signature greys. The serenity all of them and their hair colour are about to induce is just hypnotising.

Look at Sarah Harris here.

via vogue.com

Sarah Harris, British Vogue‘s fashion features director, started going grey when she was 16. She used to dye it brown, but then let it be and turned her long, grey hair into her signature look.

via intothegloss.com
via intothegloss.com

Linda Rodin, the stylist and skincare guru told the inthegloss.com: ‘I was lucky. And I never associated it with being old.

via goldenglobes.com

Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes in 2014. The ever nonchalantly Diane Keaton.


Annie Lay. This gorgeous make-up artist I discovered just last night on IG. I knooow.


Linda Fargo, Bergdorf Goodman’s senior vice president of fashion office and store presentation: ‘My hair started its color course when I was 10!‘ (Time Out).


Sophie Fontanel who does a very cool interview right here.


Iris Apfel said that ‘It’s better to be happy than well-dressed!‘ and ‘Worrying about getting old is the kiss of death; you have to be busy and stay engaged.


And, of course, George Clooney!

Don’t you feel calmer all of a sudden?

In an attempt to, maybe, look wiser – and succeeding, one might add – all of the below dyed it. Cool s*it. Hit.

Zosia Mamet of "Girls".
Zosia Mamet of “Girls”.
Lady Gaga
Halle Berry
Cara Delevigne
Zayn of the Gigi Hadid and Zayn