Gone Girl

October 22, 2014


Why would anyone want to know the plot of a movie before going to see it? Or, worse, to watch the trailer. Ok, maybe when it’s a Scandinavian film. Or Romanian. Or an Indian one. Then yes, I would like to know, ’cause, yes, I would have to be in the mood for that. But otherwise, it’s not like you have to buy a ticket to Hawaii in order to see it.

You just have to get a ticket to the theatre or, even easier (and cosier) rent it at home. That’s it! You can even leave or just press stop. Then you’re game! And in for a surprise. Like it was with Gone girl and myself.

All I wanted to know was who the director and the cast were. David Fincher. You can never go wrong with Fincher. You can take the risk, anyway! It’s “Seven”, it’s “Fight club”, it’s “The curious case of Benjamin Button”. And the very unexpected, yet remarkably perfect cast, including Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

For a brief, brief moment I had the intention of trying to post the link to the trailer. Ok, to, at least, watch it. And just when the idea came to my mind, a colleague  of mine, sitting next to me in my office, knowing that I am writing about this, wanted to see the trailer. Now comes the Told you! part. I was writing the above and the trailer still hadn’t finished. Right when it did, he told me: Oh, so they didn’t show me the end of the movie 🙁. Because yes, they show you pretty much in it. Why, why, why? Where’s the fun? It’s like when drawing or writing something and someone sneaks in. Wait till you see the final piece! Or is it just me?

Anyway, let yourself be the first for your eyes to see and your heart to feel. Try this! Just buy a ticket and open your mind for just about anything that is to come.

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