"Game of thrones" Is Something, Something. Something Else

April 19, 2016
It started slowly, very slowly to get under my skin. So slowly that it almost hadn’t had. That it almost stopped right before I even plunged into it. Right there, on the edge. So slowly that I barely memorised the name of it while into the 2nd episode. I was still not convinced about it into the 3rd one. But then. Oh well, then I could find my inner peace only after I’d seen it all. All, all. During the New Year’s Eve short holiday. Yes, New Year’s. Yes, short.

Last year’s NYE. Just in time to live all the drama of last year’s live airings. Oh.


You can totally thank me for not revealing the spoiler of your life. You know I wouldn’t do that ever. Still, it is on the tip of my tongue, you know? Some cheese should be laying on yours as we speak (“cheese” spelled as in p i z z a). Some red wine should fill the glass you are holding now (“red wine” spelled as in r e d w i n e). Because you are about to start watching GOT. That is if you haven’t already (What? How? Who are you? Jk).

By the time you are getting into this (and hopefully you are plunging into it, not just standing on the edge there. Come in, come in), you probably figured out that goth is not really my thing. Nor is blood, although I don’t faint when I see it. Nor is puke. Though I feel like puking when I see one. It’s not that often as it may sound. “Scary movie” like.


Aaugh, Cristina! I know.

But this is nothing compared to Game of Thrones.

“Game of thrones” will throw the dirt, the blood, the eyes, the puke, yes, the heart if needed, the “Valyrian” (I love to pronounce this) sword right atcha. Right from the settings. No strings attached. And then you’re cured. You can watch anything.

Obviously, this is nothing as opposed to everything this show stands for.

Art. A R T.

It moves you, it scares you, it makes you love, it makes you hate, it gets you to the next level, it makes you break your tv (not me, but that’s a fact), it makes you be so damn present. Man, would I had ever thought of speaking of it as I do right now when I first heard of it? Def not. Would I had ever thought of spending the NYE watching it? Never.

Never say never.

And look at me now. Posting videos of monsters puking and telling people “You kidding me?! I’m watching Game of Thrones. I’m down.”, accompanied by the index finger moving bottom up and by the half of the face that “knows something”.

If you got by here than you are a GOT fan and you are dying to see the new season’s premiere airing on the 24th of April or you are someone who is still on that edge I know I was once on. Only by now, I am sure you heard of Jon Snow. Guys going gay for him, girls going coo-coo after him, when in fact:


He is just one of the very few, that’s true, characters you are going to love. And watch dying. And want to run your fingers through their hair. You don’t? You will after meeting Tyrion.



Synergy is when you meet someone and sparks come out of the thing between the two of you, is when you talk with someone about the stars at 3 a.m. and you feel like floating, is when “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was made, is when all the GOT actors and actresses met the 1000 of the GOT staff (settings, costumes, make-ups, schedules, everything) and GOT popped out. As a firework.

They are not only excellent professionals (that should be redundant, right?), but also a hell of great people. The word “hell” suits perfectly here if you’re good with grammar. When in doubt of what to do, watch a couple of (all) interviews of anyone from GOT. Or when in the mood of falling in love. Love, love. Watch, watch. Watch it, please. Watch it, watch it, Watch it, watch it, watch it.


It is the most complex and artistic show I have ever watched. Watch it, watch it. Kidding, kidding. It is the most expensive shows of all times and you will get why after watching the makinggameofthrones.com. The show is great and all, but wait till you see the making of it. The show of the show, actually. Mind blowing. This is how the world should function.


Mind blowing, passion, get it, get it?

Watch it, watch it. Waaaaaatch it.

I wonder wether or not I will be posting something like “Oh, would I had ever thought of actually reading all the books that George R. R. Martin wrote and of actually dying to get to read the sequel that the author himself hasn’t anyway so far?” any time now.

Oh well, we “know nothing” after all.


Oh, and



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