Game Of Thrones Is Game! Wanna Play?

August 30, 2017

What has “normal” got to mean these days? Normal is having a major good character die in each of the Game of Thrones seasons. But then, normal is boring, people! Great is so much more fun. Literally.

No major good character died this latest season and some are going to die for sure in the last one coming up next year because Hey, good could not prevail bad, it would be such a “cliché”, some would say. How did we get here? It’s become easier nowadays to assume something bad is going to happen and that’s fine, it’s supposed to – even on this tiny level of a movie, yes! – rather than trusting the good, old-school clichés. The truth, after all. People would say Neah, this would be too good on something that would not even be that impossible to achieve. For good to triumph. They don’t even try to fight for the too good and, instead, take the easy way and say It’s life, you know, it’s only ideal in movies.

Of course it is if we choose not to do something about the ideal in real life also. People stopped dreaming. By day, as Edgar Allan Poe would say.

It takes the great – the dreamers – to not only make this world a better place, but to define what fun and truth mean these days. Have always meant, but just got lost on the way.

For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, Edmund Burke.

The idealists versus the mediocre.

Good is so fucking cool, let’s imagine for a second what great would be like.

The combination between Game of Thrones, ideal love and blockbuster just turned episode 7 of the 7th season of GOT into an unique all-times film. Obviously, GOT fans know GOT is one of the best shows ever already, but also that there are some alike that are good. Everyone knows and has favourite romantic movies and of course there are some great block busters, too, we all watched and liked. But this latest Game of Thrones episode has the story.

The words. And words have become so easy to use these days that they very rarely mean the actual things they once represented. They had to be appreciated and put back on the throne together with truth and fun.


***No matter the gender you are, I bet something in you moved for a second there.***

All Jon Snow had to do was lie, but he didn’t. The balls on him when saying all the things he said in front of Cersei and the world, basically, and meaning it!(?!?!)

Is that so impossible to happen these days? Why would it be? It’s only human nature, it only takes balls not wings and we are not even being metaphorical or something here. The courage to say what we actually mean, think or feel. Where did it go? It’s here, but it is almost always used in the evil way when defending out of fear. Upon assuming the bad and not fighting for the good. Even refusing to see the good or to believe in its existence. No matter the level, the circumstances, the people.


It is love. This is love. We all want love when we let our egos go.

And love is revolutionary nowadays. George R. R. Martin must have embraced the narrative of the 7th season the writers came up with, since his creative work is ultimately about love throughout the whole show – covered in blood and murder and cold and dark and little fingers and white walkers, yes! – at its finest. Now, in this epic episode, the love that has been nurtured throughout finally got out.

Raw. Just as all the dialogues in this 7th season finale.


The balls on the team to all take on the responsibility to prove that only love could save the world, that love could only mean good, that good will prevail bad! That everything is love, in fact, and maybe it’s time to not only look at it as to an ideal and settle for the thought that it’s only meant to be – unanimously accepted by mediocrity – unachievable: a cliché, only in movies.

When love is the most simple thing in the world…

Yet instead of living it day by day, people take it for granted and, further more, put it on a throne that they only see in movies and not on the throne where it belongs together with the truth, fun and words.

In case you are now calling me a dreamer, please watch again the dialogue between Cersei and Tyrion. But only if you have seen all the GOT, because only then you’d know.


Now tell me, aren’t you, too, one? A dreamer. Somewhere on the bottom of your heart.

Just as Cersei is. Though once she disguises herself in this super strong human being, lies and does so much bad, she stops being ideal, is in fact weak and therefore stops believing in ideal and therefore in ideal love in the world and, eventually, turns into bad and quits the fight for love and lets her ego rule.

Just as Jamie is. Jamie chooses to fight, though, he turned into the idealist he once was. Before being bad, that is. He takes his chance on love.

It’s up to you and the way you take.


Love is in “the peace” in the show and love is in “little things” in life. Which are never little, they’re the greatest, they’re the love. So, love is love.

Tyrion is love! Always has been.

Jon Snow is love! Always has been. Oh, Jon Snow… Everything about Jon Snow. He, at first, spoke in a certain way with his voice and his body and, then, he looked at Daenerys. And he knew. She knew. It was completely unexpected, yet the energy created by these two was a story on its own each time their eyes met. They are good above all, always have been, they’re strong, they’re dreamers, idealists, they love and love life.


I don’t think either one of them knew exactly how powerful their feelings were towards each other [until they let their talk for the throne aside] and fell in love. Just the notion of falling for someone involves weakness, it’s not something a queen does, but she feels it happening and he feels it happening for her. Both of them are on kind of an unfamiliar ground and especially because it’s with an equal, said David Benioff, executive producer and writer, on the characters.

Jon hadn’t necessarily given anyone any clue about his feelings, not even himself, nor did Dany (?!?!), not even herself, but when he defended her in front of everyone that’s when they knew. The energy never lies. And this here, again, is an ideal. And again, nothing of what wouldn’t be possible for real. Of course, the lovers would have to be equal for it to happen. However, it might happen! Very rarely, yes, but a tiny bit of a possibility makes it worth fighting for.




Isn’t this what we should all feel? True love when loving? In order to be able to live it to its fullest, we should all just be true to who we are and who we love and, therefore, simply be and do good and only then feel the butterflies. The dragons. If we stop believing in it, in love, in butterflies and dragons, what is there else to dream about in life? It is only then that people become sour, empty and, therefore, dark and, therefore, doubt all the ideals. Because they stop being ideal to them in the first place. Because they stop being the change.

Idealists… They see each other in a crowd. Feel. Genuinely. They posses this kindness which turns into power which turns into light that shines no matter the level, the circumstances, the people. They only have room for love.

Anyone can sense the light, yet not everyone knows how to deal with it. Some would understand, yet always choose the easy (but so sad) way of not believing, not fighting and, further more, even blaming on the light rather than wanting to be it. Out of fear. Laziness. Ignorance.

Others, though, would awake at the sight of the light and would want to fight for love, too. Just as Theon did.

And then there are others that not only are afraid of love and refuse to see the good or to believe in its existence no matter the level, the circumstances, the people, but also harm those who fight the fight and remain mediocre till their very last moments of life. Littlefinger was one of them.

It only made sense for Sansa and Arya to have disguised him. They are both too much of the idealists, therefore smart, to turn against one another. In ideal love, there is no room for blurriness. Everything is crystal clear. Everything is out there. No muss, no fuss.

Ideally, it would be idiotic to be otherwise.

This epic episode set the terms of the game. Now we know who is good, who is bad. Let’s assume that most of us took the good side and the world just might be a better place. And this is how it’s not only about movies. Real life could be better or worse, it only depends on us. And the ice dragon.

However, kindness is so cool, greatness is sexy as fuck and if love is possible in Game of Thrones, love is possible anywhere.

And then there’s the humour up on the throne made of balls.

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