From Dawn Till Dusk

July 19, 2016

Long day ahead, lots of things to do, yet all you can think about is What the f to wear both to work and to the party tonight. Did someone say party?

I couldn’t agree more with the caption in the picture. Could you? Oh, I could, actually. From morning till dancing is what I would say. I mean, look at the posture, look at the legs casually ruling the place and the Marni suit doing that same kind of thing. Ruling.

Look at the lips pouting (or making a straight face right in your face) while leaning the head on the beautiful hand and creating a suave line from the tip of the fingers to the tip of the toes.

What time of the day do you think Farfetch wanted you to believe is in the picture? I think it’s in the morning, pretty early in the morning, she’s just about to start her creative (or not and if not, let’s hope she dressed up like that anyway, oh yeah!) work and she knows (underlined) that this day is about to end in some dancing, so that’s why the pout. The whole vibe. Oh yeah!

The clothes you can wear from dawn till dusk! All you have to change is the attitude, depending on where you are and what you do or where you will be or what you will do. Or not depending on anything, the same attitude from dusk till dawn is a lovely thing.

Nothing destroys a good look like a bad attitude does, so that means it’s super easy, in fact, to have a good look. Oh yeah! x3.

Whilst in the flashy print and the shoes above all you need is the pout. Is it me or all of this would not be same if it weren’t for the chair? Me would definitely so dance in the above on the below.

Somewhere outside, in perfect weather.

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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