For The Days You Choose To Be Happy

December 13, 2017

It was about time to leave summer behind and look forward to winter (the verb, if there were one). Only it’s still warm outside and I don’t know whether we should be happy or not about that, since this might be a matter of global warming.

Leo DiCaprio has been warning us, my parents have always been preaching to us not to take this planet for granted and diminish any trace of carelessness when regarding it. Water – Cristinaaa!, when forgetting to turn it off post washing the dishes (yes!). Food – they wouldn’t take me to McDonald’s and I would always sing the McDonald’s song from the commercial, hoping they would stop and feed me there. Instead, they taught me how to be smart with food and not ending up in throwing it. Electricity – when reading, but having the TV on and so on. Throwing things in the streets or whatever is not even worth mentioning. Nature – planting trees and observing them grow.

The little things.

Other than that, I was allowed to go on parties, to stay up late and watch the Oscars or the MTV Video Music Awards at night, to paint on windows for holidays, to crush my brother’s parties (wahaha), to climb on each and every one of them (mom, dad, brother). They trusted me, they knew who they were raising, I now come to understand.

Oh, don’t throw your gum in the streets, for karma will get you and gum will stick to your feet, one day. It got me (sorry, mom!). Not even out the window of the car! Trust me! Moreover, a bird might try to chew on it and they don’t know they’re not allowed to for they will die if they do so. Oh no!

The little things which are not, in fact, little.

Kanye West

So, life is beautiful, as Benigni would say, and there will, always, be good days and bad days. We truly have to, however, take care of it and dream about it being beautiful and true. Otherwise, you can throw the damn gum in the streets and you can only look down and stay in misery, but why da f*ck would you? Unless choosing to be lame, complain and be too damn lazy to fight. Or to just be stupid.

You could, though, and should, most definitely, have a McDonald’s once in a while. To stay sane. For health, there’s love, intuition, meditation, exercise, reading, watching movies, dreaming.

Even in meetings.

Or, you know, wear some of the clothes you like the most on a day that just might turn into a good day thanks to them, precisely and this is why clothes are never just clothes. They help you cover parts only loved ones can see.

I held you in my arms when you were little and wanted to pee, my brother always says.


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