Flying Solo And Drinking Red Wine On A Monday Noon? Priceleeess

March 09, 2015
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Unless sharing with the one, you know me.

I’m taking pictures and that may seem lame. No, it’s not! Pictures are so fun! Even when alone, sitting next to a very hip stranger and his very loud music in his headphones. Oh, I can do better! He only has water. I am having wine and I am listening to this:

Great, now I think he can see what I’m writing here. Oh, this is pure joy! Oh, hello there… Hey, hello… Yes, you!

Even if he can’t see, I can still feel like saying hi to him in writing here. It is a whole blank sheet of paper in front of me after all and I feel like writing about anything anyway, so there. Just in case he is really reading it. Yup, I think he is. I just glimpsed. Ha, saw you! So it has to be something, not just anything.

Yeah, so this is me here. Now. High above the world. Or so it feels like. And it’s not the wine. Not this quick, at least. I can see the horizon. Wow, I can actually see the horizon! Not a cloud, no nothing! A little curvy and all. Is it the wine now? Nope, don’t think so. It’s just very clear. The sky, the line, the light.

Btw, do you know that a glass of red wine equals to an hour of exercising? Especially on a plane. One, most definitely, couldn’t do the daily sun salutation on a plane now, could one? Oh, these French people and their wine. It is something, not just anything.

It all really is in the little things and little things are never little, my friend.

The stranger from above? We just toasted the small bottles (which really are small, no metaphor here). He just got wine, too.

So I guess this is what ~ this ~ was supposed to be about. A moment to enjoy remembering about.

Cheers to the freekin’ weekend! 

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