Fly Away. Lenny Says So.

March 19, 2015

Being on planes… I love it! Looking around… Seeing people sleeping (not that comfy, but still sleeping at 8 pm), eating (without rushing anywhere, nor watching tv), reading (not scrolling), talking to each other (not caring about postures, they just go deep into the conversations or chairs), staring through the windows at the beautiful sky or just taking a moment and feel.

We all detach from our busy minds, lives and are now held hostage in a huge piece of iron that is flying in the air. I am excited to both be in it and write about it at once, thousands of metres above the earth.

Whereas it is something scary for some – my brother has to drink a shot of whiskey in order to help him forget about the Physics and start to be present in our conversation – it is, also, something really fun for others. As I am up in the air right now, I can actually be the whistling emoji flying above your head now reading this, the time gap doesn’t count, I have seen enough movies to know it is possible.

This is the time for me. For us. For a few hours, it is just myself or us. Ideally us, but myself is pretty awesome, too. No phone, no internet, no people, no I-should-be-doing-this-instead-of-having-this-much-fun-now, no worries about jobs, about anything. You are cut out from your world for a short period of time and put into this up-in-the-air box along with red wine and the music you obsess over in your headphones.

They say that planes are the most secure means of transportation, so just go with the flow. Though I am sure you can think of, at least, one turbulence you’ve been through in your life. Well, guess what! It is the rarest cause of plane crashes. Next time you enter any turbulence, just remember of this. Read it when you have the time or just trust me, you shouldn’t be afraid. Anyway, why should you? It’s not like you could actually do something about it, so you’d better just enjoy it. As if it’s a rollercoaster ride. Oh! Rollercoaster rides, rides, ride it with my surfboard, surfboard, surfboard.

It always feels like a new beginning each time I land anywhere and an entrance is mandatory at least in my mind and core if not reflected in my style, although I must always think of what I will be wearing on planes. I absolutely adore it and it makes all the sense in the world: I think I love style just as much as I love to fly or is it I think I love to fly just as much as I love style? It must be this thin or so close to the deepest into our Universe, air.

And then there are the hugs on arrivals. I mean, can it get any greater? My heart is bursting here. Either it’s you the one who is flying and a loved one picks you up or it’s someone you love that’s flying and you pick them up, the tight hug at the airport is so warm and a bit shy in a very particular way that it becomes part of the whole flying experience. Listen.

To make it all complete, the expression airport style was invented. It is a thing! Steal airport style from your favourite celebs or See celebs’ best airport style post Oscars. Google it. Victoria Beckham seems to be the queen of the airport style. The clothes, the attitude, the stroll and, of course, the big glasses. I do believe, though, she must have some sweats and flip-flops in those Hermès’.

victoria beckham airport

Next time you fly, try to do something you don’t have time for usually. Just think, go back to memories that make you smile, watch a movie, read a book, sleep. Just feel. All of these without any phones! Ohs… I hope they never make it possible to have network coverage on planes although I’d already heard something about it. I won’t even say it out loud.

I am so eager for this new beginning. I have just landed.


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