“Fighting For What’s Right Is Worth It”

November 09, 2016

Now I love magic and it is said that magic is represented by purple. So that’s why I like purple, though few purple things could be found in my closet. Or home. Or anything. Do you have any?

Anyway. Interesting. So when you see someone wearing it, it shakes things a bit.

It is also the colour of spirituality, power, nobility, but also of mourning. The last one is, most probably, the reason behind Hillary and Bill Clinton’s use of the colour. Or maybe it’s the power. On a day in which fashion is the least to think about – I bet – we can not but smile admiringly in front of our screens when watching the beautiful, warm concession speech this tremendous fighter gave.

She has been doing this for two years now and she did it one more time here. Wore a pantsuit by Ralph Lauren. She wore head to toe red, blue, white, navy, but this is the first time she does purple. Accents of. Purple is, however, the combination between blue and red, Democrats and Republicans.

You see how fashion is not just about covering the body sometimes? It is about so much more.

If only she would have spoken this warm all along and showed this pure emotions, maybe, just maybe today would have been different. But! But everything happens for a reason we will probably figure out later.

Anyway, this was noble as the the colour we began with.

Keep on spreading the love!

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