Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Oscars If You’d Like To Know

February 28, 2017

If you, too, didn’t get the chance to watch the Oscars live, you can find here everything you missed last night, but want to know. As seen online via newspapers, magazines, Instagram accounts and, basically, everything that popped in my eyes the morning after. 


As if you just woke up to everything above if you were interested in movies, but also in dreams.

Literally and figuratively.

As I was scrolling my IG, I first saw the face of Ryan Gosling all over the place. I’d expected for him to win. Casey Affleck did instead, though, for best actor in Manchester by the Sea. An interesting movie where Casey does a “delicious” role, to cite a very delicious acquaintance herself and an expert in cinematography, too.

Ryan didn’t get the prize, therefore, but he did however show up in my explore, based on likes Instagram account. Yes, guilty as charged. Someone else was guilty, too, last night at the Oscars, the most popular and prestigious gala in the la la land.

So Ryan’s face shows up via @instylemagazine and the caption says “Swipe to see the emotional roller coaster Ryan Gosling clearly went on after finding out Moonlight, not La La Land, won for Best Picture”

Shock! What!

I went online and the news on theguardian.com said: “Oscars shock! La La Land mistakenly named best picture.”, where we see Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway reading out the wrong winner of the Best Picture trophy. Now you get the drama! The presenters got the wrong envelope. “Shock and chaos spread through the Dolby Theatre when producers of La La Land were stopped in the middle of their acceptance speeches to be informed that Moonlight was the correct winner”.

However, if this is what it takes for us to want to hug Ryan Gosling some more – tighter – then we’re just fine.

Come here, Ryan! Cooome!” The used tone is of a beast ready to eat an animated character out of love and enthusiasm.

So Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture and entered the history as the winner with the most awkwaaard hand out of all times of the most coveted prize, that’s for sure!

The movie hasn’t made the fuss not nearly as much as the majority of the opponents have: La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Fences, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures. Even though it is made by “Plan B”, Brad Pitt’s production company – the Brad Pitt! – and won the Golden Globe for best drama, too.

Emma Stone won the Oscar for best actress in a leading role for La La Land. The acceptance speech – after the personal hand out of Leonardo DiCaprio himself and the blow up of Instagram – wasn’t nearly as… delicate as the one at the Golden Globes or as fun as the one at the press conference post gala, according to bbc.co.uk. Emma style!

I hadn’t had any doubt, however, regarding the winner of the Best Director, Damien Chazelle. It would have been too awkward (yet again!) for him not to win. He is the brain of this beautifully caused phenomenon and creator of the musical synergy called La La Land. Chazelle told latimes.com that once he had the green lights to do the movie, he had to confront all the panic attacks in order to make his dream come true. He risked everything for the dream. Just as his characters do.

At just 32, Damien Chazelle becomes the youngest ever director to win an Oscar (after being very close to having done this two years ago, when Whiplash was in the running).

Viola Davis wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Fences, becoming the 23rd artist to complete the “triple crown of acting”, a term used for actresses and actors who won at least an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony.

Mahershala Ali wins the trophy for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight, the first Muslim acting winner. We know Ali from House of Cards where he was playing Remy Danton, a role he gave up to do more, according to a GQ interview in august 2016. Well, he did! The Oscar was handed out to him by Alicia Vikander herself. Ooh!

The outfits didn’t steal the show like last years, maybe the reason behind “the show” put on by the organisers themselves who succeeded in realising the biggest fiasco in the history of the gala. It seems like we’re all human, after all. Pfew!

Photos via APF Photo

We almost certainly don’t know what Kevin O’Connell looks like, but he did won his first Oscar for Best Sound Mixing in Hacksaw Ridge, on his 21st attempt. This is the fun fact, in fact!

And you don’t play with the sound. Though you do sometimes.

Especially when making La La Land. The musical must have had one of the most amazing ascension in notoriety of all times, after being nominated for 14 Oscars. It won 7, the exact number of Golden Globes it won, too. The record would have been set at at least 12, though, as Titanic won 11 Oscars.

Nevertheless, the trophy for Best Original Song goes to City of Stars.

There we go, too. Our dreams and us. Maybe we meet Ryan.


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