Everything This Woman’s Saying In This Picture

March 19, 2016

Is, precisely, why I’m saying I love New York! even before getting there.

“The city that never sleeps”. “The big apple”. “The city so nice they named it twice” (New York, New York, both the city and the state, first mentioned in The New York Times in 1975). This and everything I saw in movies. The cynics would say everything they sell you in movies, haha. A cynic’s point of view is not fun to me and I trust my intuition anyway. So.

What I know for sure is that I love a girl like this when I see one. Because I love girls. And boys.

Via The Sartorialist, the other day.

Think about how Scott Schuman approached this beautiful woman and got into talking with her and how she, so warmly, smiled at him after his Hello and introduction. She might have had no idea who he was, she was not into this anxiety called “social media” or “fashion” or whatever. Still, she accepted his invitation to take her picture. She noticed how happy this made him, so she said Ok. He took her shot, the sun witnessed it all and this moment was born.

Ok, all of the above might be just in my imagination if she’s a super star. She surely looks like one. It’s up to you to believe in whatever you want. 

The scarf was, practically, there when she was born. The abs made her wear this crop top. The jacket looks like her boyfriend’s. She looks like she might not even have told him about it. She didn’t have to. They have that kind of thing. What she does is so cool that she can, totally, pull anything off. The leather pants are just below her briefs. And so on.

All of the above? Nothing, nothing, nothiiiiing without that attitude.


One Of My All Time Faves Everythiiiiiing

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