Dress To Impress

September 01, 2015

There’s something with the waist and the feeling of someone touching it. Not to say grabbing it. Roar.

The waist is having a huge comeback this fall. Along with the dress. She is coming back, too. In this whole boyish flamboyancy (Lord, still, be praised for that! Amin!), here comes the dress. And the drums are drumming.


Hmm… The more I look at this picture (at Dunn, one must admit), the more I go like “Hmm…”. The colour and print of the fabric on her skin tone, on her body shape is so-oh sexy in that button up way. Say Amin! for this, too. The button up. Giddy up!

But then there’s the shear and the feet and all that.

“Oh yeah…”, I heard you say.

The earrings, the belt and Eddie’s necklace (and bangs), tho’, are so perfect in this whole holiness ness happening at Bottega Veneta it makes you want to to wear a dress right now and go wow.

Stand up straight, bend your spine just the right way (the Dunn way), suck up your tummy, act cool and wait for that one grab. Rrr.