Does This Kind Of Thing Happen To You, Too?

November 27, 2018

Olivia Wilde + Jason Sudeikis versus Emily Blunt + John Krasinski

This is either an excuse to both put out in the world and put together some of the very nice work these four actors have done or a means for you not go through the same rollercoaster ride I go through each time I have to put a face to any of the names above. And not mix the couples up. And spell correctly. When – newsflash – they even look alike. Wait, there’s more! Their names even look alike.

Yet I love a good rollercoaster. Hop on!

Olivia Wilde

Life Itself (in theatres now) made me want to hug her and high-five her. Not quite sure about the order. Again! I think I would first high-five and then hug her, though the first option sounds pretty cool, too. Life Itself also made me not trust imdb.com that much any more and I haven’t been a rottentomatoes.com fan ever anyway, so I am just going to continue to NOT watch any trailer before and not caring too much about scores either after seeing a movie.

Because I loved it and this is when the shrugging girl emoji comes up. She’s looking for the flamenco dancing one. They want to chin-chin.

However, the thumbs up emoji is knocking at their party’s door. It’s here to celebrate Olivia’s evolving style.





Olivia Wilde is Jason Sudeikis’ fiancé and they have 2 kids, yaay.


Jason Suedekis

His dance move on SNL is forever stuck on my retina (as is the What’s Up With That song in my eardrums) and I don’t know whether for an actor it’s better in life to act in 100 movies or just have this one move that all the people from around the globe instantly recognise him by and feel like home? Well, maybe not home, but you know what I mean when, for instance:

1. you hear 🥁 tantadaraaaaaam 🥁 the 20th Century Fox soundtrack coming in:


2.  you see the MTV logo here and there…

What is the name of this feeling? It’s not nostalgia either. It’s identity, but that’s not a feeling. Yet nor is confusing partners, names, order in couples, hello!

Yeah, home.


Emily Blunt

What I go to first every time I am going through all of the films in my mind I know her from (as opposed to all of the films I know Olivia Wilde from) is Sicario. A movie by one one of my favourite directors lately, Denis Villeneuve who also did Enemy (starring Jake Gyllenhaal) and who I sometimes confuse with Jean-Marc Vallée (who is also one of my favourites lately) who also did Demolition (starring Jake Gyllenhaal). They – even – are both Canadian.

Welcome to my world!

Emily Blunt, Emily Blunt.

Is pretty cool and had gone under some styling transformation herself and we could not but high-five her also.





Emily Blunt is married to 🥁 John Krasinski 🥁 and they have two children 🥁 also 🥁 yaay!


John Krasinski

The nice guy from The Office, a mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior and tedium, says imdb. If only offices would be this much fun, a whole lotta people would start to love offices all over again. But then I don’t think Steve Carell would drop his actor career to be the boss of all the offices all around the world.

Youtube kinda feels like home or something nowadays.

Anyway or by the way, MTV was first launched on a Saturday, August 1, 1981, with the phrase Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll! and the first music video played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star, by The Bugles.

Does anyone still believe in random?

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