Do You Like To Do It Yourself?

March 06, 2016

I don’t see that much of a difference (in fact none) between taking the picture yourself prior and having someone taking the picture of yourself. If you’re going public with it, it really doesn’t matter. If you don’t, it really doesn’t matter either. You are you and you can take whatever pictures you want of you, just:


Using an edit app is cool sometimes. Vogue does it all the time. And as long as something, anything, can be improved, why the f not? I tried it once, it erased my signature mole on the cheekbone, felt like cheating, it was over for me and the retouching apps.


My dark circles still hope for a reconciliation, though.

Hashtag hoping hoping.

My partner in kissing would rather parachute jump with me – no, not that, would rather go to a couples massage (and he’s not into massages, I know) with me than have me asking a stranger, in Paris, to take a picture of us. It got to the point where I don’t even know what I liked most. Having our picture taken with the entire (if possible) Jardin du Luxembourg, in the background, by a stranger, or having to see his face when I tell him I’m gonna ask this kind man to take our picture. And he thought we’re good, he just took a selfie of us. What? Just to be sure we have both the selfie and the whole deal.


High five, however, for taking the situation in your own hands, literally, and taking your own picture. Why wait? And, maybe, have to act all cool, strike weird poses in front of someone who can’t wait for you to decide upon the poses, anyway, and, ultimately, pretend there’s no one taking your picture?

We all love it when someone takes our picture and doesn’t tell us, because it’s precisely then that we don’t even have to care about being photographed, we don’t have to try to act cool, we don’t have to wine about the fact that we don’t like the light or whatever and so on. The Truman Show. Do you know the movie? It wasn’t cool what they did to Jim Carrey, yet we all kinda slip, at times, into the studio from the movie.

I know I just love photography, taking photos, to be photographed. It makes me smile. Selfie or no selfie.



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