Is This Kind Of Fashion Commercials Coming Back?

March 15, 2019

What kind? Kind. Back when fashion seemed not only elegant, regardless of clothes, but fun also. When fashion represented the art that fashion is and moved something in people. Regardless of clothes.

What to wear now?

Shop before it’s too late.

Buy more, save more. 

The last two almost didn’t make it here. They did, though, only for the balance to go so high for the opposite good part, that Buy more, save more will not be ignored, but pondered upon. You know what they say… Stars can’t shine without darkness.

All three are the latest headlines in my e-mail which is, thank God, still far away from Instagram. Do you feel the need for a balance here, too? In a world where it is only necessary to open our eyes and – boom! – everything opens up along with them, it only feels natural to pay attention even more to what we are, actually, looking at while creating our OZ. Seeing a form of art that feels like art (true art would be a pleonasm, just like true love would), feels not only fresh – as art always feels like – but also liberating. In a sense in which fashion doesn’t scratch your eyes, but moisturises them.

A lot of see and feel, no? It must be a sign.

Don’t just buy more. Feel more and you’ll save yourself.

An emphasis here and there never hurt nobody.

I don’t even know whether I wish on ever buying (not the important part here) any of the things I saw in the Prada advertising campaign – though those headbands, I must admit, did some sort of tiny trick to my mind – yet I can not but appreciate the work of both Prada and the team creating the ads. Enjoy the passion everyone put into it without it scratching anything anywhere. Passion is doing the moisturising and we get to choose our favourite flavour. Or discover a new one.

It only depends on the intention, in the end, of anyone anything anywhere (the important part here).

An emphasis here and there soothes something somewhere. No?

The ad creates a space between the brand and the consumer. Might this space be the art? That would be wonderful! That would be the liberating from before. The love everywhere.

I know you feel me.

It’s Prada (Prada), structured clothes, structured hair and make-up, yet there’s an energy that feels first. An energy that transcends both the pages of the Vogue Paris I am holding in my hands right now and the fashion media nowadays, metamorphosing itself into inspiration. It might also be the excitement in me talking. Of meeting people who share the joy and wisdom of creating beautiful moments that tap into an energy that makes someone – who is seeing them right before falling asleep – dream sweeter. And I don’t mean fashion. I might, though, mean style.

Intentions much?


Art is just another form of prayer (Rainn Wilson) just crossed my ears the morning after.
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