Delicious Energy

March 25, 2023

What’s in a feather? The image on the desktop peeking at me from behind this window makes me want to peek back at it.

A funny message thread on ig with Alex, via some jokes she sends me on how people text nowadays, or don’t, and actually are with each other in relationships, at their beginning, gets us rolling. Laughing, by the end. And simultaneously at their ending, I’m suggesting. It’s inside joking, but it’s also cosmic truth. Those are jokes, but bad jokes, not texts, my friend. And I don’t mean Alex, Alex is love. Aw, here I go. So, yes, hello, versus me, completely in my zone, no connection whatsoever to that kind of stuff all together, a choice I proudly made, it’s who I am. It’s out of this world communication that gives me energy, it’s something else that I prefer simultaneously and always tchin-tchin with Alex for. And, hey:

I’ve learned my lessons, alright, and who now knows exactly what who now wants in life? Precisely.

Why do I find this so funny? Is it because it’s true? I’m babe, btw.

So, this is what I send her back, we laugh with our ahahahas and start a convo on ig, 2. Simple, direct, easy. Different media, different topic. Not bad, as my brother says. Since we’re here, my brother’s daughters, in fact, were the ones to initiate this. Our latest imessage thread, in our group of 3, hilarious, ended with bruh. After You’re SO cheesy. After a pink heart sent with echo. First, it was Natash, I kinda became accustomed to her bruh, it’s been going on for a couple of months now. Me having a party with the stars and hearts and rockets and fireworks and all the good stuff, her grinning, I bet, on the inside, but hey, so eew on the outside. Funny though, funny, I must admit.

Babe thingy is best

It’s what connected us first

Aw did what just rhyme? 

Or it’s this rhythm thingy that’s rhyming and we’re just driving? Aw.


If an Aries loves you, they will bully you into loving yourself. If pouring delicious energy into someone can be called bulling, then, all of you bullies out there and in disguise, you’ve been doing it all wrong, newsflash. Natash is Aries, 2, she seems tough and all, but we both know she’s also soft, I completely get that and she’s always known that, so she can’t hide, maybe she enjoys not having to, it’s a process and it’s beautiful, anywaze, waze, roadtrippin’, playlist. I got you, babe.

Aries: When I talk, I’m rude. When I don’t talk, I gotta attitude. Leave me tf alone. It’s comic, come on, it’s close to cosmic. Or Aries: Literally nobody helps me with anything. Also Aries: Oh my god, you’re doing it all wrong, just give it to me. Funnyyy. But then, she started to be surrounded by grownups that, that what? Well, forgot. Her sister, Inga, and me, we’re here to remind her, at all times, that it’s about the sparkle. At all times. But then I did and did, again, the babe thing. Did and did, again, might sound like a lot, I only emphasised it once. Ok, so maybe there were only two minutes between the imessages, but babe! I have a blast by myself, on the inside and uh-oh, Inga’s bruh comes in, for the first time. My eyes are rolling, but I’m still laughing on the inside. And outside, at times. Great! You don’t know what the last time we hugged goodbye was like, but you can imagine it when it’s in the movies that you see it. Dreamlike. But that’s just our love, so babe, bruh. It’s alright, it’s cosmic energy, someone has to be responsible in here.

Because when you meet me, you think I’m quiet, when you talk to me, you wish I was quiet, when you know me, you’ll be scared when I’m quiet. Funny, funny. 

Others: if it’s love, they will come back. Aries: if it’s love, they will never leave. Ooh.

You know how a picture pops up in your explore, on ig, and you want to look at it, so you do, you take a screenshoot, save it and oops, without you even knowing or maaaaybe knowing, the door to a whole new thing opens up and you’re exploring alright. My friend, love. It was something that made me smile, so I, obviously, took it seriously. 

Aries: Can you multitask? Yes, actually, I am losing my mind and chilling at the same time. I mean… 

And this is how I ended up, not ended, I’m in it as we speak, smiling even when only thinking about it. It’s this inner feeling you have and you feel so good, it’s cosmically shared. It’s the s*it. And here I am, wide smiling, as we speak.

Just like when I’m actually texting Alex and Alex is actually texting me. It feels good to smile at your phone. Hello! Face to face is the s*it, though, yes, yes. What’s with all this s*it? Let’s imagine it’s flowers. A beach. A glass of margarita. Air. Expansion. Hair in the air. Hands. Stare. A bubbly conversation. A whole day of watching great movies in bed, eating delicious thingies in pajamas. Or in your bathrobes, in the kitchen, wherever. It’s fascinating how true laugh has so much power to bring in peace. Just as anything that is true has.

Of course it’s better if you’re with someone you like.

These signs are actively reading the room at all times. They’ll pick up on moods, emotions and energies. Nothing gets past them. Confirmed.

Being out of the dating scene, as perceived by the mass consciousness, and living your own truth keeps you out of that loop, 2, thank goodness. Take my brother and the love of his life, for instance. They are even more stunned at it than I am. We have this unwritten no bulls*it policy. It’s important to have someone who lives their truth in your life, the more, the merrier, and to know the someone. To tell whether it’s cosmic truth. And connect it to your truth. I believe seeking your truth, regardless of the world you live in, will always make you feel good. Calm. You can’t always expect the truth from others, but you can expect it from yourself. This is the kind of discussion I might have with my brother (or Alex) on a cas Friday night, over facetime. We’ve known each other since I was born, basically, and we’re here for life, so. Cosmic truth. Or who knows, maybe I knew him first. I was somewhere in the cosmos looking at my future brother doing his thing, wahaha. And then we turn off the light, at home. 

Home. We can all agree on what true home feels like. See? Cosmic truth. Or style. True style. Hm, that’s a bit deeper, what, it’s that extra something. There’s a style to dating, 2. Not dating. That extra something. Although, dating sounds special when it’s got that extra something. You gotta know your style. Or burn down your very best yesterday every day, so you can start again, as Kristen in the Chanel ad would say. Or as Kristen at the Berlinale 2023 would.

I like the style in Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman. For instance. Whitney’s cover and video, obviously, 2. Music brings you back home for life. Definitely cosmic truth. Music is magic. And it, continuously, changes. No, it’s a continuous rolling in the deep. And, welcome, you’re in another bubble. Different from the music I have this special bond with. For life. That brings me home. Just like the special bond I have with the red roe on a good baguette toast and butter. It brings me home. We’ve known each other since I was born. Or?! It’s the music that goes with you every time you’re rolling in the deep. It’s who you are. And then Chaka Khaaan. Or some insanely mouthwatering new fruit that flashes the cas.

It’s a choice until you get to a point where it’s something for sure, where it’s not even a choice anymore. It’s Chaka Khaaan, you’re rolling in the deep. Again. And again. You’re in for the good stuff you bet you can’t get enough of. And you dance, this is it. Gracefully surrendering. Style has this allure, 2. You have to give in from time to time. Or. Or. Every day. You know what feels like the s*it. Hello again. Absolute pleasure. That’s the thing. That extra something! 

And then there are songs… Ooh, can’t wait to listen to the one I’ve been looking for. Not all the time, but it crossed my mind a couple of times, I looked for it, stumbled upon something else, forgot about it and here we are. Now, I have to find it. Probably play on repeat and come back, but let’s see. Oh man. It’s Madonna’s and I remember listening to this song on repeat, long time ago, and I might just delete this all once I find it. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Or am I? The funny teeth chattering emoji on my mind. They should make one. Come on, people! It’s something with give in… I keep on bumping into Give It 2 Me, which I also developed an obsession with as soon as it was released. I know I bumped into it last time I looked for the song I’m talking here about. Maybe I should give in to give it 2 me. Welcome 2 my world! 

Chaka Khan’s Like Sugar was playing before typing Madonna. Ooh, it’s so good. It’s like sugar. So sweet. Good enough to eat. I, of course, am texting it to Alex, to my brother. 

Got to Rain. This is gonna take a while. Man. Perfect timing for headphones on. Your love’s coming down like… Something that sounds like very cool driving, or some kind of take off, in the rain and drums and everything elevatiiing… Here comes the suuun. And this is how we’re rolling in the deep together.

The word surrender has been coming up pretty often, lately. It’s when the cosmos intervenes, I guess.

Like A Prayer has been popping up pretty often lately, 2. Thought I could skip it, but nope. It feels intimate through the headphones straight into your head. It’s straight into your heart when it’s coming from the speakers, at home. By now, your arms are up and everything. You close your eyes. Smile. Sing. Just like a prayer, no choice, your voice can take me there. A sudden peace settles in. Still looking for the give in. Oh man. Of course, I’m listening to it until the end.

My Goood, Cheriiiiish!!!!!


Got to I Want You, so I am losing my mind and chilling at the same time. An album I used to fall asleep to when I was eleven. This week’s topic with love has just come full circle. This is me in our convos. Followed by our high-five emojis. Is what I wrote while I Want You was playing, but I’ll Remember has just started. I’m on the floor. Every bone in my body is thanking me. An album I used to fall asleep to when I was eleven and through various bubbles, circles in my life. Delightful. Devoted. Charming, ha!

Take A Bow. It’s the chills that get through my spine, brain, heart, as soon as I hear it beginning. I skip it, though, I’m on a mission here.

Ooh, You’ll See is here. That beginning, 2. Skipping it, however. Mission.

Pff Crazy For You.

I remember kind of fast forwarding to Rain, then, 2, but we’ve been here before. So, it’s not on this album, either. 

Justify My Love has just started and it’s one of my all time favourite songs, so. So now what? I know this will all make sparkling sense. Buckle up. The vibe of the song that I’m looking for is similar, I can feel it.

Hmm, Beautiful Stranger

It’s like a snowball, but it’s not cold. It’s warm, it’s a sunball that’s been rolling and rolling and rolling so deep that it came to me! It’s Michael’s Give In To Me. Only queens and kings in here, that’s right. I’ve just typed it, am filling up my lungs and pressing play. Yup, it’s the emotion and the chorus. Give in to the feeling. That’s it. Pfew. 

Back to Like Sugar. Oh yeah! Chaka Khaaaan. When you know exactly what you want in life, you’re able to take quick and necessary changes to produce the results you’re after. Speed of sound, speed of light, cosmic, cosmic. The amount of discipline that it takes is invaluable, rich, it takes you to the undeniable truth that makes you feel sexy, unique and and no one can take that away from you.

Aries: My standards are high, because I can provide what I require. Read that again. Or you know, put that on your plate, as Midge and Susie put it best. Or Once I care, I don’t leave. Once I leave, I don’t care. We may have big hearts, but once you f us over, we’re gone. These are not just facts about Aries, are they? It’s basic human what? Human nature. Hm. Love.

What’s in a feeling? Something that sounds like very cool driving, or some kind of take off, in the rain and drums and everything elevatiiing, cosmic energy. You observe it flowing through your veins, it’s easy, there’s nothing else you can do about it anyway when it doesn’t let you sleep. It’s when you wake up, listen to the birds singing, in the trees you see from every window, on 5:55 am, you smile uncontrollably, you don’t really think about the not really sleeping and you let the feather slide on paper. It’s not as easy to notice something you can’t observe, it’s the Faith George Michael is singing about. It’s light and you like to keep it light, you like it deep, 2, you like it when it feels like the s*it. Flowers, Cristina, flowers. I love light, but man, the stars shine so bright tonight. Shh.

I don’t flirt, I just talk. It’s not my fault everything I say is smoother than the cream cheese spread on your bagel. 

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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