Clothes That Make Your Work Fun. What?

September 08, 2017

When you do what you love, you must be a better person than when you do what you don’t. On one hand. When you do what you love and it also allows you to wear whatever it is that you feel like wearing, then it’s on the other hand. And when the two hands high-five each other, a sound of electricity comes out. The two are stuck together forever. The two are thrilled by the idea. They just can’t stop high-fiving.

A t-shirt, a classic pair of jeans and sneakers or something will always, however, do. Unless you’re Superman. Or Alicia Vikander.

So, there’s the thing that you do and love and there’re the clothes you’re sharing the joy with all of the time. Or something. Because clothes are never just clothes when you are aware of the power they have. To make you feel better.

When you wear what you love, you must be a better person.

When you’re with the one you love in a kissing relationship or a fun friendship or on a professional ship, you must be a better person.

When you eat something you love (oh, man, just think of that fresh watermelon), you must be a better person.

When you see something for the first time and your eyes turn into cherries, you must be a better person.

I left home for a meeting the other days, wearing a white t-shirt, my Levi’s 501, medium heeled sandals, the perfume that makes me smile for no reason. Rushed out the door. Found the perfect parking spot (the day became instantly even nicer) and the beautiful summer morning light and air was there and upon running to the meeting, I thought to myself: man, I’m so lucky to be able to wear what I love wearing anyway to do the work I – without thinking – have always dreamt of doing, cultivated unconditionally for, the work that got me places I will forever cherish.

In fact, the dream of doing the stuff that I’m doing today is connected, no doubt, to the style I’ve always felt like myself in the most. I feel like my world, of OZ, has these super inter connected things going on I am in awe of all of the time.

The surroundings I’m aware of, the people around me and the mental notes I’m constantly taking. Observing. Appreciating. Admiring. Loving. High-fiving.

Lose the hat, put on some glittery shoes and you’re ready for the party tonight.

Sneakers will take you anywhere, anytime. They make a dress look all relaxed, a tuxedo fun, a pair of classic jeans, messy hair and casual tee look Californian.

A tee under a short dress covers you. Literally. A pony tail uncovers. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

A fun t-shirt might make you goof all day. That is if you like Goofy, but maybe you like Droopy. I like Droopy better, yet the Goofy in me never lets me down.

When the light is right, everyone seems right. 

You’ve got to have the right essentials, though, to feel right. Or like yourself.

Black mom jeans, black sandals and a special kind of top will make the simple aforementioned pieces look not so simple anymore.


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