Call Your Bff

August 23, 2015

Call your bff today and plan something together. A stroll, breakfast or a glass of red wine for lunch. Ooh, yeah! Wine for lunch, please! Come on, it’s Sunday! This is what I thought of the first time I saw the picture below. Not the wine. The bff.


Maybe it’s their feet.

Coordinating. Synchronising.

And I don’t mean flats. It’s the length from the foot off the ground to the ground. The foot off  of each of them. Exactly the same length. Look! The angle of their heads turning. The same. Look! The smiles.

Accomplices. And this is a future piece.


Now, since this is about style and our passion for fashion, I have to say that both dresses are supa dupa cool. The dresses are supa dupa cool. There, I said it.

The turtleneck of the black and white dress goes perfectly with the bun, the sunglasses, the bag and the simple (at first glance), without-padding lingerie.

The shear of the wihte dress… Uhm. Perfectly set in the perfect set. The fabric, the hair, the cross-over bag, the glasses, the long sleeves, the lingerie.

Matching sandals. You bet.

Getting chilly? The weather, not the relationship. Below are the jackets. Keep the sandals. Don’t you love it when it’s getting colder outside on summer evenings, but you still get to be bare feet? Uhm…

Are they twins? Or is it the friendship?

It’s the love. Put your hands up in the air! Now. And call her/him. Now!

Florence + The Machine
You’ve Got The Love

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