Buh-bye, Summer!

October 04, 2014

It seems like summer’s gone. I got the chance to say “See ya!”.

Oh, those summer nights!
Oh, those summer nights!

I looked back at it, sighed, smiled and let it go (for a while). Because there is this morning when you wake up at your usual hour (mine is 7) and the sun is not there yet. There is this moment in the evening and you’re outside and you can feel the wind. That wind. And then there’s the first time you see the leaves falling… Not to mention the drama when you look at your closet and it’s like you have completely forgotten your fall wardrobe or, worse, you think you have nothing there.

Well, I found something this day. This summer day, though.

Wave, summer's leaving! (I did it!)
Wave, summer’s leaving! (I did it!)

This late summer (it’s the 1st of October) evening warm light… This chillness in the air… The memories.

And your summer hits in the back of your mind screaming out loud.



Sit back, grab a cup of tea and think of all the best summer moments.

You know the grin…

Can't help, but grin on it
Can’t help, but grin on it

But then again that melancholia…

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