Bring It On, 2016!

January 03, 2016


Beware of your thoughts for they become your words. Beware of your words for they become your actions. Beware of your actions for they become your habits. Beware of your habits for they become your character. Beware of your character for it becomes your destiny. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Now. I have been having just the right words for this, but only in my mind while taking baths, driving, drinking coffee, working. It were all just perfect with the right intonation and stuff. Because, btw, you should intonate while reading, it’s much more fun. What? Try it.

Oh, I so missed this. Starting with something and going through otherthing and back to something and having fun about it. I really hope you are having it, too. It, it, it.


2015 is gone now and I can not say that all my past year’s resolutions were completed, but I can tell you one thing. While having those intense moments at the end, like 10-more-days-3-more-days-aaa-last-day-of-the-year-aaa-! moments, I didn’t think of what hasn’t happened, but rather of the beautiful things that randomly (and randomly is the greatest) made the year. New friends, new places, new coffee, new hugs, new looks, new books, new designers, new revelations and being here. In Oz. Our Oz in Paris or wherever. It makes me the happiest.

And I intend on “seeking out what magnifies my soul” (according to brainpickings.org). Uuh, I know, sounds pretentious, but it is not. It is as simple as that.

Be my guest whenever you feel like escaping, smiling, fashionising, finding, learning, laughing, dreaming. It’s our time to make magic in Oz.


When it is about magic, why the efing not?

I will do my best in writing freely, in researching, in letting my mind (and help yours) free, in flying, in taking you places, in making you smile. Without you, it wouldn’t be the same. Though I can have fun on my own, it is always the coolest when it’s shared.

So, let’s share. Sharing is careing. And so on.

Off we go.


A friend once told me that he loves to read the messages he receives from me because he feels like I am talking to him live, like he is not reading my messages, but he can actually hear me talking and that it makes him smile. I loved that. And I love to write. And if that puts a smile on your face, then… This is it!

Now I started with a quote. Which started with a thought, which led to a word, which led to an action, which (I HOPE) led to a habit, which let to a character, which led to a destiny.

Are you following me?