Batgirl In Nikes And A Shirt Dress

April 28, 2016

May Batman be with you. Better yet, you be your own Batman. Do you shadow play? What? With your hands. You know how to do Batman with your hands in the shadow? It’s called shadowgraphy (or ombromanie, ooh) and it’s the art of performing a show using images made by hand shadows.

And this has gone far, but the mind is a powerful thing, you know. You see. See ya!

Hey, bare with me. I was just kidding.

The shirtdress has been a thing for some time now and it’s a funny feeling when wearing it. Not in the literal way, obviously, although you know what I believe. If it’s fun, it must be good.

Depending on the #mood.


Black can also be fun as it leaves you alone in your world, to laugh or to whatever on the inside. Wearing black is like saying I will not bother you and please do not bother me!. To me, though, black is a cover as in I’m covered, I can goof around like. There. Is. No. Tomorrow. I’m wearing black. F*ck off.

Btw, I am saying f*ck off in the most loveable way possible.

Batman, black, see? Things connect. Like salmon and red roe in a roll. Sushi. Craving.

The shirt dress is a wicked thing to wear.

1. Boss around (only sounds nice, isn’t nice) when wearing it with heels, red lipstick and a bun.

2. Do the shadow thing when pairing it with trousers, a tie and sneakers (Ralph Lauren shirt dress, Levi’s jeans, Boss tie, Nike sneakers).

3. Attend the family thing when wearing the flats and the invisible angel wings (or the red horns muhaha).

Do it your way. Why say f*ck off only when in black? You do you and do it fabulously!

Just like Christopher Nolan did the Batman trilogy.


See? Batman. I don’t know how or when or why. It must be in me. It is in you, too, if you want him to.

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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