Fall Fling

October 05, 2016

I am doing this one more time, mom!

Let’s take a moment and celebrate the weather just from in between summer and fall. Dressing up like this is it, this is the last chance to wear summer in fall and, then, I will switch to fall, stick to it, even. Only summer is so hard to let go of. No? The thing is you never know when’s the last sunny day of summer you can actually wear clothes or combos that shout out loud and clear Summeeeeeeer or Careful, the one wearing me hasn’t got out of house in a while! Aaa! or Rough night last night, couldn’t find anything else to wear today and yesterday was still summer.

But no! This one below celebrates the weather just from in between the two seasons which is not only beautiful, but crisp and always the beginning of a new thing, feeling, fling. You can, totally, flirt during these first days of fall. With clothes. Play a little. Giggle. Climb up and down some stairs.

What? This is what I do. You do you. What do you do?

Oh, and what I, also, love to do is wear the clothes of people I love and this is how I took my mom’s dress without telling her and this is not how my mom finds out about it. I’d told her about the dress post using it in a fashion editorial I’d done. Nothing else seemed to have fit. Of course. What my mom told me made my face turn into emojis that express laughter, wonder, holiness all at once.

Cristina, it’s a robe!

But I’m telling you: it’s made from silk, it was custom made for my mom, in the seventies, she had it made for indoors only. As in for home. I only remember my mom rocking in it, I remember seeing her happy in it. Rocking, yes, rocking!

Mom, who does that? I’m wearing it as we speak. Outdoors. “Very” outdoors and you can not stop me and I feel like going to a fancy dinner, seeing with friends, dancing and going to the movies all at once.

Just like the emojis above.

My mother’s emoji interpretation was of just one: terror. But then she did this thing emojis can’t do: smile in the corner of her lips and eyes, while trying to (sort of) hide it. When you see someone you love not really succeeding in hiding their smile, oh man, oh man! Oh mom, oh mom!

Wearing a dress, in the first place, feels unique, but wearing a dress of someone you love feels out of this world and this is how clothes can take you places. Both physically and metaphorically, yeah baby, in the as Austin Powers way.

“Fall, shall we shag now or shall we shag later?”