And It Was Called "Yellow"

November 08, 2016

Spicy mustard, as a matter of fact. One of the Pantone colours of fall 2016, in case people ask you what’s trending right now. Mustard is. It’s not an easy colour to wear, starting from your skin tone and ending up with the character you feel like being this fall.

Trends, sometimes, are actually here for us to get it started somewhere. You may stay forever in your comfort zone and wear jeans all the time, or, you know, you may not and go experience a few things, but never, ever, forget about your true self.

Though sometimes it feels so damn good to just get lost. Sometimes. For a short times.

So you now have this yellow jumper. Because you really love the colour and jumpers. Truth is it is an item so versatile, you can wear it from morning till dawn by just adjusting accessories, shoes or nothing at all, frankly. It always depends on the context and twist you want and can pull off, depending on the mood and personality.

The process takes less than it seems in the phrases above. Though sometimes… Said I while rolling my eyes. Girls, back me up here. Or in fact, the next time I’m getting dressed and feel like “nothing to wear”, “no clothes”, “I need new clothes”, please come visit. I have mustard.

Other times, I come up with not just one, but four outfits using the same, yellow jumper and half bun. Go figure… Said I to myself again.

It doesn’t only seem like I’m talking to myself. I am.

1. You don’t have to necessarily wear heels when dressing up for a particular type of fancier occasion. As long as you put your black velvet, super flared, waist hugging pants on. And some va-va-voom earrings.


2. A head to (almost) toe ensemble is not only super wearable the whole day through, but also at night when paired with some glittery black stocks inside of some matching strappy sandals.


3. The dress by Kenzo x H&M. You can not only wear almost anything underneath it and it will still fit, but also wear it instead of a jacket. Trust me!


4.  Put on a dress underneath the jumper for the (hopefully) party where it will get down to (hopefully) getting it off.

Oh, come on, let’s live a little.