Airports, Planes and Clothes

July 03, 2018

The flight is part of the fun no matter what the destination is. Just like getting dressed is. Oh, going to the coffee shop near by? Let’s see what would make me have even more fun getting there and while I’m there… I mean clothes, you guessed it.

I once went to pick up a boyfriend from the airport dressed in pajamas. It was winter, I was wearing a head-to-toe puffer jacket and few could have guessed, let alone got any hint of the party I was – dreamily – having on my own. Literally. The sooth of having a bubble bath, put a moisturiser on, get into pajamas, on the couch, into the jacket, into the car, listen to music and sing along on the way to the airport is just another way to party for me. It was at night and it was winter. That’s what I mean.

It is, nevertheless, true that I, sometimes, put on the high-waisted, (g)old blue jeans, a white t-shirt, the favourite-of-the-hour pair of shoes and feel ready for the party in the club. I just let the hair, perfume and nails do the trick.

The little things… They are never little.

The flight to Bali was the party before the party called Bali. I knew I wanted to have on not only comfortable – obviously – clothes, but also clothes that inject some sort of fun into the party I was about to have on my own whilst everyone on the plane would have been sleeping. Clothes that are as close to me as a pajama can be.

You could wear the grey dress; I wore it on long flights and it’s fabulously comfortable, mom told me. I was about to sleep in it at some point after all. Oh right, I told myself, I feel pretty party in it. It is the dress that seems to fly places all over the world and a dress I share with mom. I can see her doing the straight face whenever I take her clothes, though, she enjoys this face, I enjoy the grinning face more. She was the one to bring it up anyway. 😀

It was too cold to fly on a Qatar flight in flip-flops, so I put my white Golden Goose on; they always feel like barefoot. Flip-flops and sneakers were the only two shoes options on my trip, anyway, yay! Cold and fun were the two words that guided me to make up the combo I transformed from one look to another depending on the temperature and mood.

The grey leggings bought on the day before the flight from Zara Kids (adults seem to not want/need grey, simple leggings anymore; I looked everywhere) did the work. The leggings were soft, grey (duh). Why grey? To naturally blend into the combo. I’ve always somehow liked grey leggings. A certain type of grey.

They’re made from a very fine cottony mix and they don’t just blend in with the dress through airports and planes, but also with the sweater I feel like home in no matter where. Home, party, same. It is All Saints, I got it on a holiday at my brother’s. I wear it with love and, most of the times, wear it just out of love. It’s not only made from an interesting type of cotton, but it’s also a special shade of dark blue and it has a cut that is not revealed from the start, but once disclosed, forever loved. That type of thing. Just like the coloured hearts around my neck type of thing.

I left home wearing the dress and sneakers.

On the first plane, however, the leggings got underneath the dress and the sweater on top of the dress; we only flew for 5 hours and got to Doha where someone was waiting for us. The bronze Untitled Lamp Bear, by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer.

On the second plane, I took off the dress from under the sweater and stayed in leggings and sweater. Mmm… We flew for about 11 hours.

Just before landing in Bali, the dress had got under the sweater again only before the sweater went to sleep into the backpack with the leggings. Awwm.

The way back was the same. Airports, planes and clothes.

You know that feeling you get after vacation when you’re just so happy to get back to reality? Me neither.

Hey, this is Cristina Pavelescu wearing a music cassette sweater, decoding (life) style and writing from wherever, yet always living in OZ, a world I invite you into. To smile in front of our screens (and live one day), put any kind of questions, answer in writing (or imagination) and marvel at fashion which is, in fact, style.


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