4 Ways To Wear A Sweater. Rrr.

October 31, 2016

It’s not even that cold outside and, yet, I’ve already worn a sweater like there was no tomorrow or no fall for that matter, like for a whole season. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and it has been quite a ride. It awakened my creativity each time I had to leave the house and wanted it and nothing else on me.


I’d just succeeded in leaving a jacket – I’d loved for a whole week, because when I like something, I love something – at home and felt like done with jackets for a while, although the while in question is all about jackets.


It seems like I’ll be done with sweaters, also, pretty soon. It’s way more comfier to run around naked, right? Never underestimate the things you could learn from babies or the power clothes can give you when they satisfy your need for freedom.

Until then, whichever of the done with sweaters or run around naked, I am wearing sweaters and finding solutions for blending them into outfits that will not only keep me warm, but will make me feel good in a time when it feels so good to wear sweaters and no jackets on top. A time lapse so fine, it’s like a line. A fine line. So fine. A ready-to-eat-avocado fine.

There is no way anyway to layer a structured sweater under a jacket unless it’s a huge, orange Acne one, unless you want to feel like the bird lady from Home Alone, unless you are so damn cold you would fit yourself and a bunch of friends inside.

Let’s say you don’t own a huge jacket, you want to be Kevin and you are not so damn cold. You just have this merino wool sweater you just like so much you don’t want to let it go. Like I, for instance, do. Fyi, merino wool will not only keep you warm, but will also preserve your body’s temperature, because wool is cool.

You’d better stay hot, you. Yooou.

1. When wearing a skirt, as a girl – I have observed and, therefore, swear! – everything seems to happen faster, better. With the right sweater.


2.   The sweater could protect you from a tiny rain. A cap though, oh! Put it on, let it do its magic and bring the sun above your head.


3.  Have a twist with the dress you loved so much in summer! Take it to the late fall cocktail party and feel like Cupid trying to make this impossible love affair between summer and fall possible.


4.  Make sure you don’t want to pee all day long and wear your current favourite jumpsuit underneath the sweater. The two of them are so blended together, you can hardly (literally) tear them apart. Awww.


If you see me still wearing the sweater these days, you must know I have just washed it properly. You know everything merino or cashmere based need some special care. Of course they do.