Now what do you believe in? Like believe, believe in? Surfboard. Is it only me who’s still having fun about that? It feels so right, though. You see? Right… Now what is right? Right is what is right to you. You know, you? You? And then what? Well, and then you just go with the flow.

Flow, role, soul…

But you must! Awpf. If we could only do everything we want to. But why can’t we? Who says what we can and what we cannot do? Somehow, someone does. There is stuff you cannot explain. Not even to yourself. But you are working on that. Oh, newsflash, you are! There are things you saw (and felt) 4 years ago, 20 years ago, yesterday and they won’t go off your retina. This word. We’re getting there. “The things” will keep on popping out whenever and they will make you wonder (or not) why.

Why? Why this? Why that? Why now?

I know I think too much. I feel even more. And it’s the funniest! And you know it’s always about the fun. And why not “funniest” instead of “fun”? Oh yeah! F*ck yeah! It all should be “est”. Best is the best! F*uck good!

And it all gets down to what you feel, in the end. Just you. Nobody else knows. You know. And it feels right. Not right. Awesome! You meet someone. “This is it.” Yes, it is it. And their eyes. And their smile. But that’s another story. And it’s something. You don’t know what. You can’t put a finger on it (metaphorically speaking). But you would just stare. Well, stare and get to the est.

Why all these? Because it’s life. Because it’s fun. And because of the latest movie I watched.

Watch it. Watch… You see? With your eyes. Your eyes…

About eyes…