"Work" Is Here. Don't Be "ANTI". Or Be

January 29, 2016


Great, I’ve been working on the surfboard, surfboard getting out of my system and haven’t succeeded at it and I, in fact, don’t want for it to go, so, therefore, it is still here.
Surfboard, surfboard.

… When this comes along. Work, work, work, love, love, love, dirt, dirt, dirt, nah, nah, nah, work, work, work, turn, turn, turn. Groovy. Or ANTI, the nr. 8 album of Rihanna nah nah. The much anticipated, the 3 years awaited for album umm ummm.
Repetition has been having a blast for some time now. Years. Years, years.
It’s like Boomerang. Hashtag.
Don’t you miss Rihanna on Instagram? … Is that lame to say? In the Instagram world, I guess it isn’t, but you know what I mean, as in she kinda ruled it, with a crown and all.
Then boom, nothing. And this is what came out of the nothing. The album. Or she just got fed up. She went “f*ck off…”.
Or her marketing team has been vacationing for 3 years now.
Regardless, Rihanna is “dope” (she promoted the word back in the days on Insta) and she is here. Boom. Boom, boom. And if you got by here reading this, I salute and hug you. Jk. But I would if I could.
Jk. This is your prize. The 13-track standard edition will stream exclusively on Tidal for seven days. Put on your $9,000 Dolce&Gabbana headphones (below), listen to “Work”, the first released track, and there will be no way back for you. “Work, work, work / Work, work, work / You see me I be / Work, work, work / Work, work, work”.
Now you try and use that many words as an introduction to “You can download or stream Rihanna’s new album, “ANTI”, just by clicking here. What’s your favourite track? Love on the brain is mine.
This is why. There.

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