White Thing

November 22, 2016

American Music Awards just happened and the thing that stroke us most was Chrissy Teigen’s dress. Not for its design or for the smashing host of it. But for my brain having to twist left and right as to understand why would anyone wear it? It is fab, don’t get me wrong! But it comes with baggage. Or none, to be precise.

As in going commando the Joey Tribbiani way.

Is it the marketing of promoting Yousef Akbar, the designer? Could be. Is it Chrissy’s purpose to flaunt her incredible post pregnancy body? We knew she got it from her momma. Or is it a game she’s playing with husband John Legend in public? This would be cool. Haha.


As she herself named her “hooha” on her IG. The Chrissy Teigen way all the way. We all laughed at it and even loved her a little bit more.


This came just in time after we all goggled our eyes and print screened her dazzling last week’s attendance at Glamour’s 10 years anniversary party. Then stalked her other red carpet appearances and found out she’s the queen of white ensembles she not only prefers (apparently), but also succeeds in making the most of them. Check it out.


The view could be pretty “more” (from the “less is more”), but then her smile, make-up and coat did the trick to make it all look glam. Jam.

“All white” is a big thing right now. It has always been, in fact, and for good reasons. It has a lot of  the “je ne sais quoi” flowing all over, but can be rather risky if not well accessorised and fitted. Chrissy here does some great white outfits we can all learn something from.

That is if we prefer the safe side and by “safe” we mean the outfit below. A total understatement when it comes to Teigen, though. Rrrr.


Maybe just loose the purse. John has some room in his pockets for her phone and lipstick for sure.


Gorgeous. But safe. But gorgeous.


Ready to dance. You go, girl! Hopefully the dress has pockets. It would give the fun twist to the outfit when loosing the purse. Again. A girl has to dance.


Put together. Safe. Good. The smile and wave did the trick here.


There’s something about shorts and long sleeves. Something really good.


The lack of accessories here rules like never before.


Very, very cool.


Elegant. These sandals… Man! Every gal should own a pair of these. Great with almost anything in this world.



The clutch is too matchy, matchy, but the tan and hair not only save the day, but fit this dress very nicely.


Body and smile rocking.


Absolute favourite! 

Oh, hey John, hey Luna!

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