Wearing A Jumpsuit Is Always Fun

A jumpsuit will not only hug you all day long, but will also keep you warm and help you spend less time in front of your wardrobe and more time in the (any) bathroom. There’s no one funnier than the one with human needs when wearing a jumpsuit.

I was wearing the one below on a Saturday noon, at my favourite coffee shop and I’d been drinking (I’d been drinking) some coffee and some water. The cardigan and the faux fur vest layering it, turned a typical way to the “ladies” room into a “What are you doing?” way. I’d started to unbutton everything from the moment I got up and when the question popped out, the eyes goggled and the answer was immediate: “I have to pee!” and there wasn’t anything truer on the planet at the time.

From the moment I’d shut the bathroom door, “Cream” could have started and by the time the song was done, I would have been the nakedest one can get while one alone in a bathroom, yet stripped from any taking bath thoughts.

Aside from the experience you can only live with this particular cloth, the jumpsuit is as versatile as the pajamas we all love are and we could wear one from dusk till dawn and not only get away feeling comfy in it, but also be super hip for anything.

And excited! Girls, am I right or am I right? There is something about jumpsuits and they know that we know and we know that they know. No?


1. Layering one with a cardigan and vest makes a whole rollercoaster ride out of the jumpsuit on its own in the ladies room. Jees, the multitude of stories one can make a jumpsuit turn into a star in. I wonder what the next one would look like.

Sneakers are here to make it all more comfortable while stripping.




2. It’s all much easier when wearing a double-breasted jacket and glossed-leather brogues on. For some reason, it will make you want to look only to the right. Never to the left, to the left.





3. And to the right we went. This time around with heels, socks, jeans jacket and the vest back on. All pulled together by a waist belt. If you can not find one (though you know you have one somewhere in your house), wear a strong string of something. This one here is a leather one I can not remember where I got from, but it’s just perfect when nothing else around.

I think it’s from a bag or smth. Or someone’s huge shoes who lost some really big leather shoelaces.




4. Ta-da!ozinparis-jumpsuit-fall-winter-outfits-2016-12

We have been stripping while Dave Gahan was singing.



5. But then cuddled up in everything we’ve got. Ugg style.



Now let me see you stripped down to the bone.