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July 09, 2015


The long hours in front of your computer when all you should be (if not must be) doing is working, or reading, or sleeping. Doing what? Online window shopping? Yup! Actually they don’t even seem so long. No? You’re browsing and browsing, saying to yourself: Ok, one more page and that’s it, I’m closing this!. And you’re like by page 13 already, out of just the third category, out of just 30 categories. No biggy.

So! Just for your information, this could have actually helped you. Or made you cry when your basket was beyond any Santa’s expectations. I feel you. Don’t! Cry. Look at the bright side and feel good about yourself when imagining awesomeness in your closet since you learned a lot of things. Don’t! Laugh. And this is not a joke.

Browsing through all these online shopping websites that have good styling can actually teach you some really fun mixing, inform you on the up-to-date collections and make your imagination, next time you are going to shop for real, go wild.


Below is just a selection of today’s window shopping. They didn’t invent this phrase for nothing anyway! And again, below! each picture is a little something for you to notice. For when browsing this, but also for when almost falling asleep next time you keep on pushing the “Next” button all over again on your favourite online shopping website.

oz jumpsuit

So fresh and so clean, clean. Via net-a-porter

oz jumpsuit net

No muss, no fuss. Via net-a-porter

jumpsuit oz

Lotsa playing. Via net-a-porter


Uh! Plus the chocker and the slippers. Via net-a-porter


Nice and easy. And elegant. This word worked. Via net-a-porter


Aaa! Love it. The dress, the J-Crews and the twist of the jacket! Via net-a-porter


Marjela!!! (Should I say it’s a spelling joke or would it be too geeky? Well…) Via net-a-porter


I would so go for nudes with this cooleria! Via net-a-porter


Cool. Sexy. Cool. Sexy. Via net-a-porter


Love the slippers twist. Via net-a-porter


Via net-a-porter


Via net-a-porter


Navy and black, baby! Via net-a-porter


You got it! Via net-a-porter


Mnice. Via asos


Would use some black strappy sandals, instead. Via asos


Hip, hip. Via asos


Let’s go dance, yo! Via asos


The way this makes me feel.” Via asos


Loot at my culottes! Via asos


Slick. Via farfetch


Out of the ordinary combo. Via farfetch


White, silver, black. Via farfetch


Something, something. Via zara


A couple (or more) shades of grey is always welcome. Via zara


Macarons all over the place. Via zara


A little bit of everything never hurt nobody. Via zara


Only I would’ve used black sandals. Via zara.

You see? Now I can’t stop! …Can I cry now?

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to! Never got the message of this song. Why would I want to cry at my own party? Let’s parteeeeeeey!

And enjoy the show!

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