Dots are fun. Dots are everything. When you rock them the way they rock you. You know? So rock, you! You, you.


Dots make one wonder: Hmm, there is something more to you. You are fun. You wouldn’t wear them unless you would be. So, you’re fun. Let’s hug! And partey!. Now think about it. You have to be somewhat to wear dots. Because once you do, you are exposed! Everyone will know who you are. A party rocker. At least on the inside. And my friend! Hey, friend!

The dress from above. You gotta rock that! The attitude (always), the hair, the movement of your hands, the mani-padi, the shoes, the bag, the glasses. This dress is anything but whatever. It’s the allever!

Whenever (if ever) you don’t feel that extravagant, wear the dots in one piece and one piece only. When you feel both extravagant and super fun and rocking like there’s no tomorrow, well then wear dots from head to toe and from toe to head all over again. But only when you… Yada yada.

Going to museums and wearing that dress, just saying? Do it with the naked flats also and you are about to set the museum on fire! My friend.

I got a feeling we are gonna win!, said dots to you and Chet Faker to… someone.